building an extractor similar to the cup

This could be a good starting point for someone that wants to build a ethanol extractor like CUP by capna

CUP is not by Capna

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Well don t really see iT !!
But Ok explain yourself🤔

Isn’t the cup like a centrifuge system?

My bad delta separations.

I’ll be honest, I’m a noob when it comes to ethanol extraction. Also I was a little intoxicated last night, and what seemed to be a great idea now escapes me.

In my mind I imagined replacing the agitator shaft with a hopper to carry biomass. The ethanol could flood and drain through the same port on the bottom. Depending on the power/rpm of the agitator a spin cycle after the ethanol has mostly drained would be an option.

Roguelab - i blame you for this. I read your Vacuum still/ ethanol recovery post and it got me think about building an ethanol extractor.


This is a classic post, thanks



:thinking: how does that compare, price wise, to the panda?

the CUP’s claim to fame is that you can go from 15% solvent loss to the biomass to 3% loss, by drip drying at 800x normal gravity. 1000g is my target min

While I can see where you’re going, I cant see how starting with a paint pot will get you anywhere close to what you need…I would posit that even a hobart would give better results (and they don’t work worth a damn).

I’d guess that the air powered mixer is designed for relatively low speeds, and has very little torque.

have you ever seen a top driven centrifuge? I haven’t, and I suspect there is a good reason for that.

the calculations to figure out the rcf from rpm are given in both Delta Separations CUP and Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek threads. do a little math & see what sort of rpm you need.

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you’re right.

everyone wants a cannabis disorienter these days.


Since we’re talking pressure pots, these could be useful in a mining process yes?

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I see this as being extremely useful if you want to spray your walls with etoh tincture. Gives it that vintage venician plaster look :ok_hand:


Yep now You figured a function😀
Yust dont use the air powered mixer i would take iT out and place a Sight Glass
Don t use the left valve You Will have a Diamond fountain other than that You are clear good luck🤣

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Shit! I thought I was the only one painting with green dragon!


They make ‘em.
Superior in many ways.

Price isn’t one of them.

Used- Andritz P2000 95 Liter Vertical Peeler Cent