Budget friendly/ reliable chiller

If one was looking for a reliable/ budget friendly chiller for bho extractions. Where would one look? All input is greatly appreciated! This group never seizes to amaze me for the knowledge obtained.

It depends, do you wanna build it? you can retrofit a window AC unit easily to chill.

If you want to buy a ready to use unit and your budget is low then its going to be used on here or something like ebay otherwise its gonna be China.


@thesk8nmidget I’d rather purchase one ready to go. Wanting the capabilities around negative 20 or lower. Can you post the link to search here?

Reliable/quality budget chiller lol



@Dr.stanky definitely going to my favorite comment lol! I figured that would be the answer, just thought I’d ponder it around here before going forward

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Can you share what process or piece of equipment you plan to hook it up to? -20 is easy to get to but harder to stay at if you are constantly pushing a heated vapor past the coil.

How much capacity and what’s the budget?

Need to connect to the jacket and dip tube on the solvent tank. We use a butane, propane, iso mix.
I didn’t have much idea of an exact dollar amount. Just started looking, and I’ve always been able to rely on the knowledge here.

Elaborate “capacity” for me? I may understand in different wording

Chillers are typically rated for how much cooling capacity they have, in kw, btu/hr, or refrigeration tons. It needs to exceed the expected amount of heat the system will generate.


I can get you deals from China if you’re looking for budget friendly

We aren’t generating any heat. Mostly need it for our solvent tank in our active closed loop system

We run an active closed loop system. Solvent to coils, to splatter then recovery. The chiller in mind is to keep the solvent tank cold enough to keep pressure low during the recovery

You are generating heat. You use a certain amount of heat bringing butane up to boiling. You then need to take away a certain amount of heat in a certain amount of time to bring it down to the temperature you want.

If your butane starts at 20 and you want to bring it to -20, how quick does it need to get cooled? That will tell you the capacity you need.


This is budget friendly and as reliable as you can build it.



The value can’t be beat