Diy chiller

Ok so hooked up a watercooler chilling machine to a liebig cooler
And works good circulating from a Bucket with a aquarium pump was able to keep the water at 2 degrees with a 4 liter boiling flask
So Total cost was 30 $ for this solvent recovery chiller
Solvents that i used for extract cleaning like pentane hexane and methanol

IT s almost plug and play


I did a very similar thing back when my apartment was my live in lab. Although Mine only lasted for a year from the hard water here.


Do You think one of these should be Capable of cooling an Edwards diffstak ?
The heating element of the difstak is about 300 watts so i guess iT should

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Not sure, what is your heat pump raited at? Diffusion pumps don’t need super cold water, It could work. Heck some are even air cooled.

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Suposedly 115 liters of 20C an hour

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Is what the diffstak requirs

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Diffstak 63/150P requires Minimum cooling water flow at 68*f :42 Iiters/hr. What’s your pump model? You got a water cooled baffle too?

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160/700 iso

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Heres everything you need to know about your pump!