Budget friendly cartridge filling solution

Very little loss to the line. Most of your loss will come from the reservoir but that can be remedied with a ptfe plunger or scraping the sides down.

It will be extra for the plunger as teflon is really expensive and I am gonna have to drill and tap them.

Cleaning is very simple as the whole reservoir assembly breaks down with simple tools. The lines can be flushed with ethanol and a glass syringe, and the filler syringe breaks completely down as well.

Extra filler syringes can be purchased very cheaply (<$100) and can be quick changed out to stop any bottle necks from happening when swapping flavors, as the filler syringe takes longest to clean.


The Qma setup is a game changer. 100%


That’s that guy right there. :muscle::muscle::muscle:. I didn’t experience any noticeable loss but I also kept the whole rig around 130-140f. After I was done I just ran some alcohol thru the system and disassembled for cleaning.


So it’s possible to keep the reservoir warm ?

@qma. This might sound lazy but is it easy to just have several reservoirs to bust out several flavors faster. Or am I over thinking cleaning it btw

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Yes, on the 1000ml, there are 3 heating elements, and the smaller 250 has 2. I am getting them form china and testing them here, otherwise this piece of equipment would cost much more for less functionality. Up till the beginning of this month, I was making them with briskheat pads and glass syringes to have an alpha product to make believers.

I can sell extra reservoirs, the steel people are here in the us so I can snap em up quick.

The guy in that video (who promised to join this site if I would make it for him and DIDN’T) doesn’t clean his system AT ALL in between flavors, only at the end of the day. How is that for lazy?


How long will it take you once I purchase, bc I’m hooked at the moment as I really got into carts recently


I won’t even let people give me money till these heaters come in… The turnaround time is too long right now, approaching 2 weeks now. I’m using my dms as a waitlist, but the guys who already bought them are filling it up. It’s not fair, yall are gonna think I am making this thing up. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I shall pm you to join that waitlist!


May I ask what temp is being used for the solution here? Also does this have a way to adjust you fill? For example, .4 .5 .6 or 1 gram?

Thank you!

What is the list of items I would need to craft this machine? This is such a dope design @qma

Why not just support and buy one from the man himself ?


I didn’t know if he was selling these or not I’d gladly purchase one. By the looks of his video he posted of it working it seems very efficient.


I vouch for the QMA cart filling setup. It has saved me precious time and caused a lot of issues from happening. These can even be marketed to dispensarys. The quality control on the machinery has been matched for this markets standards. Shoutout to @qma!!


I 3D printed a sleeve for a 10mL syringe with coil cut out on the side and I run a reptile hearing cable around the sleeve on the coil “track” I guess would be the best way to explain it. After a couple minutes disty melts down very thin.

I’ll have to post pictures when im home.

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This one is a shortened version not 10ml full length

Cord fits snugly in the slot and it works well. Tolerances vary on syringes so I use would use some insulating tape to fit the heating block snugly.

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I hear yeah man! I treated myself and bought the 50ml version for my birthday. Got it in the mail before Christmas, best decision I ever made. @qma is a good dude, great buying experience and stellar customer service, dude has a wealth of knowledge. The cart gun is amazing. I was concerned with the 50ml version because there isn’t a heating element around the syringe, and that was an issue with my glass syringe, I was worried I would have to fill quickly so the oil doesn’t cool in the syringe, but the cart farmer 50 worked perfectly. I was able to fill at a very comfortable pace without oil cooling in the syringe and it’s stunning to watch this thing pump out consistent precise fills. The gun and heat pads are very high quality, easy to set up, clean and use. When I used it, i processed 90ml of oil, was easy to refill and continue to fill carts.

Can’t wait to see what @qma makes next


I’m filling some cbda/cbda carts this week. I’ll throw it up. Also, @qma when will the edibles took be ready?

Edit: CBD/cbda


I’m really dragging my feet. After I saw Killa just pour out a tray of candy, I lost all hope. Pouring is winning right now


For personal use yes. For professional use though?.. I would think that more precision would be necessary. I’m actually ordering all my stuff for gummies to do this week and will know more. I’m super stoked. I’ve stocked up and am gonna be focusing on formulations all this coming week!