Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget)



How does it work?


So in this SOP is the fresh biomass only being washed one time in the chilled EtOH?


Besides the noted issue with the bentonite vs celite in filtration with the acid saturated co2.

Have you or has anyone noted any differences in an ethanol solution containing carbonic acid, compared to a solution chilled with ln2 or chiler/freezer? Does it create any isomerization or any difference in “pull” between a non-acidified batch?


I got 40# of preblasted bio I’m gonna see what I can get out of a couple buckets and some 190… thanks again


40# at 2% cannabinoids isn’t going to get you a whole lot.
should be ~360g in there, you might get 75% of that.

I’d guess a crude weight of ~700g and potency of ~50%

might be worth the effort…

that’s assuming it started at 20% and the hydrocarbon extraction was 90% efficient.

without a fuge you’re going to lose 10% or more of your solvent.
4-6 gallons at $75gal for beverage grade 190proof.


Loving that quick math skills. Clean conversions make me giddy.


Any recommendations for relatively cheap centrifuges that can spin 30 lbs at a time?




Ace spinners?

@ cyclopath


$10-15k will get you a used explosion proof BOCK.

I’ve posted pics of the one I picked up. I can get six x 5lb bags in it. Works well.

Not floodable.

This showed up in my feed this morning…


Ace 30 has landed…

now we need to add things like the “please don’t eat me” latch so @Bill-bro.Dabbins doesn’t get more spun than is fun.


Looks like NASA’s new G-force testing for astronauts


right? my first response to that pic was to wonder who I could convince sit in it…

but I’ve participated in that sort of lunacy before…


That’s the one you make?


The Ace, yes.

Cyclecide were the clowns that first put a welder in my hands, and I’ve participated in a number of their outlandish pedal powered devices, but only ridden their two person fuge.


Are you guys sourcing that from peony or kingreat


Understand the question, not sure I know enough about manufacturing in China to answer. Think it’s a no to both. We are also modifying them after we get them.

Eg so it can’t eat anyone (lid inter-lock), new seals, Bodine motor, UL rated controller…


What bags are people using for this? Preferably that will fit in the panda.


There are probably better, cheaper options, but I’d been looking for an excuse to buy bubble bags, so that’s what I use. I can stuff 2 5 gal bags in it nicely.

Though, as many people have mentioned, the opening for the panda is frustratingly small compared to it’s capacity. I haven’t modified mine yet, but it may come to pass.


Is there a certain brand or hole size you recommend?