Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget)



Does it have any flavor?


@levitated, not much flavor in this batch, but to be fair it was processed from trim that was very dry and 2-3 months old. It was good cannon fodder, if you will, for the initial experiment. The taste is very light and clean, I sampled it with and E-nail and it was a great head rush.

@Future, Thanks for the info and compliment, I greatly appreciate it. Would going with 190 proof potentially be better in your opinion given that the alcohol and water are already forming azeotropes? (I was thinking maybe that would somehow limit the terp loss) Or is there some chance a molecular sieve step after reclaiming alcohol might help break the azeotropes and help regain lost terpenes? Maybe the better answer is just having a separate terpene extraction prior to cannabinoid extraction.


I figured the carbon scrub was gonna take away what terps you had left.


I think the solution is doing a steam extraction under vacuum to get the terps first, then do the ethanol extraction and purify as much as u can like u did, and then reintroduce the terps back in


Try playing with your carbon soak times and temps to minimize terp and cann loss. Also what Carbon do you use? The difference in adsorptive characteristics is enough to try playing with different types of carbon powder. I highly recommend talking with @shadownaught he is very knowledgable and offers superb products. After talking with him on the phone I got a sample of his hardwood carbon and like it a lot. I was using Summit Carbon before and find that I use way less of the Carbon-Chemistry Hardwood, a lot less with better results.


We have prewashed granule sized neutral carbon (no fine dust at all), Alkaline carbon, and acidic high surface area carbon…if you’d like to play with something new :wink: @Jay-TL


Awesome, perfect timing too, I’m placing an order for 55 gal of denatured ethanol today, Ill have to ask for a sample! Can’t wait to get my hands on some.


Did you use LaTex to generate that pdf? Thanks for the free flow of info. Provides an excellent jumping off point. Thanks again.


I paid an experienced SOP writer to build me a template, which was provided in an editable word doc, that I export to pdf


Cool. I liked the format. Gonna give it a shot in LaTex/Tikz. Give me something to do in the wee hours when sleeps eludes me :grin:


il take a batch. Where do I order?


DM’d just now.


Im new to ethanol extraction. Since you would be extracting at temps -40°c or colder are we finding you dont need to filter stage one? You can go right into stage two filter with carbon scrub?


I typically don’t carbon scrub crude, but yes.


Does putting dry ice directly in the ethanol have any unwanted later effects? Can you spray liquid co2 directly in the ethanol? It seems that’s what the new infinity 5 gallon bucket system is doing.


So thinking of doing the bucket tek in larger containers. Then using this pump to transfer cold ethanol in containers with bags. Then out of containers. I would put a 10 micron filter in line with the pump. All brand new of course. Any input on this working well?


So been Reading about degassing of crude before filtration
I Will de Some sientific etho extractions one of these day s and try @Beaker 70/30 iso boil sop
Yet i have been Reading about de gassing the crude before filtration treu filter cakes
For without degassing might have a negative effect
Why do we degass and how ?
Is iT to get trapped CO2 out When working with dry ice ?
Is putting in a vacuum pan and pulling a vacuum enough ?
Or should i really place crude in a vac oven for sertain amount of time ?
Thx in advanced


Is there another easy way to cool the ethanol. Without putting dry ice in it or liquid co2? Does the gas left in it mess things up?


A laboratory freezer that can go to -86 C is easyest drop etho and biomass in wait a day or two If volume is large or a couple of hours If volume is small
But Well You Need the space and a certain turn over to cover the cost
Of freezer and electrical bill
Other gasses also work but cost more
If You plan your steps Well ahead and have a good thermometer to check temps You can save quiet Some dry ice
In the process Ln2 is more complicatted to create a workflow
Cooling biomass and etho are harder to get precise for -196 C is to cold
So you Will Need coils and Cryo pumps to get that gooing and plastic gets really brittle


I do, as well as a few others, put dry ice into ethanol to get temps low