Bubble hash into distillate

Anyone have experience or thoughts on running trim into bubble hash and then winterizing the bubble hash as a starting point for making distillate? The process of washing trim with ethanol seems tedious and wasteful, but avoiding butane and the like would be preferable.

how would ethanol extraction be wasteful when its yields are higher and how is it more tedious than making hash first? You will already need to have it in a solvent to winterize why not extract it with the same solvent


The main thing I’m thinking is significantly less time rotovaping since a gallon of ethanol could winterize a large amount of bubble hash (or worse case BHO for example if you are saying the yield would make more sense) than using say 5-10 gallons of ethanol (and loosing some of it in the trim) and having to rotovape it all.

But, that’s just what I’m thinking based on my limited experience ao far. Any feedback is appreciated.

Wash biomass

Your gonna loose a lot of yield just by hash extraction vs etoh wash


even on a 2l rotovap it doesn’t take that long to recover a lot of solvent. Once you get the paramaters right you can walk away


So instead you lose a bunch of trichomes (yield) that don’t come off when making bubble, and spend all that time futzing with bags…

It can certainly be done, and it will use less solvent, but I don’t believe you’ll find it more efficient or cost effective.

How much bubble hash have you made?

What equipment do you have?

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So based on the replies it seems the way to go is just do the whole extraction with the ethanol. I think i need to work on improving the collection of ethanol from the trim.


You should do some more reading…getting the solvent off the cannabis has been fairly well explored.


Are we talking dry trim or wet trim?

Thx for the video. This time around i used an actual salad spinner and out of 7 gallons ethanol lost about 1.5-2 gallons.

Talking dry trim, is wet better way to go?

If you want to make bubble or kief, the easiest way is to then squish it and then it will be much easier to handle and deal with and you wont want to cry when you see your kief return 12% to distilate

If you have dry trim ethanol would be better. If you have fresh frozen then ethanol becomes very hard

the video was not the point…

it’s pretty explicitly stated in that thread that a salad spinner won’t get you the ~1k times gravity you need.

8min at 1000G and I’m seeing ~1lb solvent retained in 10lb of biomass. at 6.8lb/gal that’s an entire order of magnitude better than you’re reporting.

I haven’t confirmed that this is achievable in a panda, but the math says it should be (~1300G in a panada)

I have spun for 15 (and 20) min at 1500G and it was pretty clear that I wasn’t going to get any more solvent off without turning the speed up.

I was going to overclock this particular fuge and see how fast I could hit “dry” (at 1500G the bulk of the solvent is gone in 90 sec)…but I had a panda I was setting up for filtration duty that got quite unruly and I decided turning up someone else’s fuge then leaving the building was probably not best practice (read: ran out of time :wink: )