Breeding high CBD/CBG hemp


Anyone breeding or crossing new high cbd hemp strains? I’ve collected a bunch of different hemp genetics from everywhere I could find them. I also have a lot of type II’s that I’d like to take to type IIIs. This is our first year so I’ll be testing a few and running clones outdoors, but the plan is for next year to have a new stable type III to plant.


how are you monitoring your progress? The big boys are doing marker assisted breeding based on this and similar


Thanks for that paper! I know what I’ll be reading tonight. I just picked up the miniPCR16 and all the solutions from Medicinal Genomics. I’ll be using these for early selections. You can determine type I, II, III, or IV with a leaf punch. Basically it allows you test for the THCA synthase gene and the CBDA synthase gene. You can also test plant Sex. From there, observable phenotypic selection and lab testing for final potency. I’m doing this on a pretty small scale, but early chemotype verification will cut out a lot of wasted time. I am interested in others methods too!