Brand new equipment, still crated. make offer, Huber, Cascade, Agilent, Welch

Howdy y’all,

Last year I picked up a consulting client referred from another client. Really nice guy, pretty good friends now, but I earned my money by telling him not to enter the Oregon market. He was insistent but I kept at him. He talked with a financial advisor who backed me up on this being a terrible time to get into cannabis in Oregon.

Thing is, they had put down over $300k on equipment. So I worked with them to pick out some good multi-purpose equipment and now you can get it still all crated from the manufacturer for some great savings.
I will consider any offer. I might consider it insulting and move on but I’ll take a look. Buying more than one item, or preferably all would give me more latitude in the pricing as well.
I have a bunch of Cascade vacuum ovens, a cvo-5 double up package with cold trap and vac pump, other vac pumps, explosion proof pumps and some Huber chillers.

Again, everything is brand new, never been used.

In addition we are owed a Huber 915 and 2 Welch 2064B pumps. They are not in hand but if you are interested we can talk.

|CVO-5 Vacuum Oven| 5 units - Retail: $10,997
|Cascade CVO-5 DOUBLE UP Vacuum Package| 1 system - Retail $33,555
|HUBER CS-100 Chiller, 460V|VDH1100690| 2 units - Retail: $29,800
|Agilent IDP7 5.4 CFM|IDP7-CS|Vac Pump / Scroll| 2 units - Retail $5,652
|Welch CS2052 2.3 CFM|2052-CS|Vac Pump| 2 units - Retail $3245
|Welch CRVpro8 XPRF / Explosion Proof 5.6 CFM|WE-1801010899|Vac Pump / EXP| 2 units - Retail: $4870
|Welch CRVpro16 XPRF / Explosion Proof 12.8 CFM|WE-1801010898|Vac Pump / EXP| 2 units - Retail: $5960