Bout to try w-1 to replace t-5, silica

Got a couple of questions. Do I use the same amount of media? I hear you can use a lot less. Do I need to bake it? Same temp and time? Thx


Try a 2:1 adsorbant: expected yield ratio


You will always save money and get better results if you manage your own blend.

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Same amount of media you currently use, if you get water clear use it again yo get an idea of how much you need each run. Second run should have a pale yellow color.

This one holds two of those basically and you can use multiple times before having to change out. I do 4 5lb runs on these

I love being able to just swap socks and keep running…feels like im making crude again just dump and recover


Are you using 3" socks? On my smaller scale i think socks could work good, maybe run a taller column so they will fit in with head space , 1lb to 2lb runs

Your using socks for media?

No, he uses for material socks

No I’m using socks for the material…6in socks

I have a fully jacketed material column to use a heater with and push all the vapors into a smaller tank on di…I’ll transfer that solvent into the big tank afterwards. This allows me to quickly recover my material column out and just remove the cap to swap out socks.


Looking good!!

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What about baking the powders? It makes a big diff w t5 silica blend

I haven’t got around to trying that but from what I’ve read its closely related to desorbtion rate…so I’m sure it helps


Are you chilling your solvent only? Or chilling the material column as well?
I am getting ready to try crc


Hes only chilling his dewax and solvent.
With that being said i only chill my dewax (he taught me that way)


Excellent , I’m doing same but I don’t have jackets,
I have a line from the top of my material to recovery, so i can recover from the column that way while dewaxing or recovering


That works. I have a jacketed column coming hopefully soon so i can run it the way he Is. I can never recover the column all the way in a timely manner. But can get some if i let the cmep scavenge


I’m Small scale , 3"
Yeah , Im seeing the jacketed solutions , creatively , as the best solution

If your small a bucket or tub of water works

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Timely manner , that’s where there i can always see i,improvement
I’m using the passive method so , double ouch

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So is he. You will benifit from jacketed columns. I got a 3x10 (for my crc) from green machine for like 95… Idk how long your column is but that price is right


Where I’m at, I will be employing the creative heating and chilling methods, I still have yet to run any medias, so my thoughts on that are speculative