Bottle Washing SOP?

Looking for a realistic way to sanitize approx
500+ bottles at a time, ranging in size from 10ml to 120ml, and also some 200ml jars.

My working space is 1,000 SQ ft, for mixing and filling hemp products, considering a countertop dishwasher, has anybody tried something like this?

How do you sanitize your bottles? How do you dry them? Do you? I have seen some companies just use pressurized air to get dust out.

as always any info/spoons/ideas/anything is greatly appreciated :ok_hand:


At a previous lab (gmp non cannabis or hemp) the support ops group would use plastic totes where possible and sani sinks with water. We would use a base bath for previously used glass to begin. If the glass wasn’t previously used a base bath was skipped. Normal wash with alconox, followed by distilled water, followed by isopropyl, followed by 24 hours of baking. Totes were used for solvent and sani sinks were used for water and drain friendly washes. A large stand up industrial oven was used to bake everything. Other solvents may be used as seen appropriate like acetone.

After baking each vial must be inspected for cracks. Qc passed jars would be sealed into totes for later use.

Interesting, I would probably have to use food dehydrators for the drying of the glass and pipettes/tops if I went that route. Would a draining rack for 24 hrs not be sufficient for drying the bottles/jars?

Are most companies really going the whole 9 yards and cleaning each bottle, individual pipette and rubber dropper top before filling hemp tinctures??

I have figured out some ways to sanitize but it always seems extremely inefficient at any sort of scale, wondering if it’s another one of those things I’m overthinking and working too hard at

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole on this one quite a few times, thinking something like this would work?

For bottles, if there is a smaller model somewhere but that leaves the pipettes and rubber tops/ caps still


Heavy oils are a pain to clean without a serious wash routine. Air drying would take forever to do it right. With wide mouth mason jars it may work. But it sounds like you’re talking about things with tight closures that will take abnormally long to dry because of the bottleneck design. It’s not like a bowl or a cup at home that you can just set upside down and call it a day. Moisture sitting around in a glass container waiting to dry is welcoming bacteria and dust particulate that you worked so hard to avoid. Oily residues are like a magnet for dust. An oven just does all the things you want all-in-one. Kills bacteria, removes moisture, keeps dust out, no residual solvents and that’s not to mention the time efficiency and simplicity.

I doubt that little dishwasher will dry them well enough. You could probably still get away with still buying something small. I’m sure someone here has a hack to heat-dry glassware with something other than a huge oven. There’s so many different appliances that are basically just specialized ovens. Question is how big your bottles are and how many you need drying at a time. If you’re trying to just reuse bottles just buy a ton more bottles so have some flexibility on how fast/regularly you need to have a cleaning day. That last part is assuming your bottles don’t contain anything that you would need to clean out ASAP. Some things the longer you wait to clean it the more impossible it will be to clean in the end. Oils for tincture are no big deal but a lot of stuff can get real funky if you don’t clean it right away or don’t clean it well.

Not gonna lie there’s a lot of glass where you’re better off just buying a new one and sterilizing it rather than cleaning a used one over and over.


I’m just trying to sanitize the new bottles prior to filling, as I am unsure what contaminants they already have in the bottle/pipette/cap. Occasionally there’s a broken bottle or two hanging around in the mix as well and I’d like to avoid glass in bottles.

Sanitizing space so far consists of a very small sink and a couple 90” x 30” stainless tables

Considering getting some of these, and doing an iso dunk before hanging them to dry

But that still leaves the pipettes and rubber dropper tops/caps. Would dunking those in iso then drying in a food dehydrator work? without starting a fire
Am I overthinking this? :sweat_smile: there’s usually a simpler solution.
Also my tincture bottles/dropper combo come in 4 pieces from the factory unassembled if that helps.

All my search results are flooded with damn bottles of hand sanitizer because of the keywords


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Bravo for even caring to clean new bottles. I’m sure most companies don’t. I have bottled 10’s of thousands of tinctures and I can say I’ve seen some nasty stuff in those pipettes, looks like hot dog water…

If they aren’t visibly dirty, and you just need to sanitize, get an extra large pressure cooker (or two) from a home brew supplier and some autoclave bags on amazon. Spend a day sanitizing a day or two before bottling day and they will be all dry and sterile.

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We bought one of these bad boys for $500 off eBay and we use it for all our glass packaging. Some stuff like tincture bottles we through in the vac oven for 10 minutes to dry.


You can use a bartender’s setup (3 sinks- wash, sanitize, rinse).

Or buy a dishwasher like a restaurant


Autoclave for the tops, right? I cant imagine trying to dry dropper tops. Sounds like water boarding

Some dish machines rely on temp to sterilize, some rely on chemicals. I’ve seen some that put out ripping hot plates. If your rubber is rated for high temp they might even be hot enough to dry the tops right on the rack with no squeezing?

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My house dishwasher (brand new whirlpool top of the line), has a sanitize and heat setting. I’m a former chef (@chefrobertcan attest to this), I can pick up very HOT plates and not get burned (your hands get used to high temps being a chef), I cant pick up silverware, glasses, or plates after this cycle is over.

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Yup, that heat.

Edit, rubber permitting

I’ve seen low temp kitchen spatulas come out just a handle and a pool of rubber under the spray arms lol

We always joke about throwing a steak in there to cook it up a temp for the custy that says MR but has no idea what temps are

I remember asking for a dishwasher and being given the bosses 17yr old son as a minion instead. He didn’t clean dishes worth a damn. Neither did his business partner’s kid.

So I eventually dragged a dishwasher and water heater in off the side of the road (different locations, same week!) and installed it myself so I could have nice (clean) things.

When the city finally made them install a 3-bay sink, they added a commercial dishwasher…


I honestly thought I was going to be a dishwasher for life, totally happy rocking out in the back with a boom box, low wages, all the action and waitresses, free booze, all kinds of benefits (none of them healthcare) skating in the alley before service…

Damn, got all syrupy on you guys…maybe we can go back home (to work) one day soon? :tired_face:

Edit, curse and bless that salad guy that walked out! Got me a rung up the endless ladder! Cooking is functional fucking art

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I just kinda moved myself from dishwasher to cook. I just bugged the cooks and manager all the time. Got my chance and I found my passion. Went to culinary school for 2.5yrs, degree. Cooked for 2 presidents at the Don Cesar hotel/restaurant on St. Pete beach LONG ago. They filmed that hulk Hogan tv show there.


I’ve met some famous people from Jeff bridges to porn stars, Terry Gilligan to debbie harry. Danny Glover doesn’t shake your hand, he shakes your arm. Dudes hands are tennis rackets. Everybody eats, it’s awesome. Getting all sniffy again, off topic :disappointed:

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I meant vince Gilligan, I think I got confused w terry Gilliam lol

I do actually have a few large pressure cookers and autoclave bags from some previous endeavors

I wonder if microwaving all the pipettes would sanitize them

Also the tops I use are half bamboo half plastic which adds another level of complication sometimes with duds, I’d assume heat would mess with the glue holding them together. There pretty damn annoying.

I like the idea of rinse station, Ill probably have the final dunk pure ISO for the bottles. The pipettes and rubber tops are TBD

The only issue I have with getting a dishwasher is if it would fully reach each individual bottle, I would be cramming in 50-150 dependent on the size of tincture bottle