hey I have a question about a boost, in small indoor projects I used CannaBoost but now I grow plants in a greenhouse and have a question about something similar but more economical? best regards

Boost is the highest price bottle on the market. I use all bottled nutez. There is definitely something that will help you for a little less. I used it for a long time and now use mainly advanced with a few extra things and get same to better results. Would definitely not use if running soil or one and done with nutrients.

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what are you using?

What type of nutrients are you interested in Learning about? I, sure @AgTonik can weigh in here for you & if you haven’t seen his fulvic acid I suggest to, it’s a must for my regimen now🤙🏼

AgTonik AGT-50 thread with much more
I myself would also be very glad to assist
This thread is very useful & knowledge is added daily!


I don’t know the composition of CannaBoost
I mean accelerating flowering

Once he drops in here Im sure he may have something more in-depth, I personally don’t typically use anything store bought (but his fulvic acid now & my medium of course.)

I might have seen boost in The first thread I linked, give me about 20-25 minutes I’ll see if I can find something if it’s in there.

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thank you very much for your time, thank you. I found you on Instagram now and I have noticed I’m snejki._

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Not a problem, if you have any questions I’ll answer them to my fullest & if I cant or may not have a solution, I sure can direct you to someone above my pay grade lol

what will accelerate the flowering of cannabis?

What’s the variables of your preferred method/ tek for your setup / field / room?

What’s the goal for your run?

I dont think you will be able to find out whats in Canna Boost. Or it will be a challenge …

Sorry I dont have a british bottle.
I have been trying to find out the composition for years, All i could find out is it is a blend of amino acids lolo … I have asked Canna in trade shows, via e-mail, in 2 shops i have worked in lol.
I would love to know how to blend my own, its the only " accelerator " product I have used that DOES work. I have side by side tested numerous time over 10 years to check its not just placebo. Last time being 2 years ago.


He ran a hydro store for quite sometime, he will surprise you with what he knows, I didn’t get a moment to search that thread yet, but I’ll be back on in a few jours


Canna Boost is a soluble byproduct of the ethanol industry. Distillers grain and left over molasses byproducts contain minerals, amino acids and lignosulfates (a complexor like citric acid that allows the absorption of small amounts of nutrients).

Non-Leonardite humate products contain minerals, amino acids and fulvic acid, which is a more effective chelator (versus a complexor). It is also much cheaper and less energy intensive compared to ethanol industry byproducts like Canna Boost.

If they don’t tell you what’s in it, is that product really worth the extra cost?


In all fairness I don’t pay the price on the bottle because its a friends shop, the discount i get makes it viable to use.

I think they wont tell you whats in it because it will be so easy to reproduce.
( just a guess )

That’s the thing-the hydro store is the of the worst green tax. They just borrow traditional Ag products and mark it up 10x because it appplies to cannabis.


This is what i have been looking for all morning … lololo,by-products%20are%20called%20carbohydrates.

This is the only real “info” I have ever found. ( it relates to what you said about ethanol ) @AgTonik

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Crazy thing is that most Ag products are not available to the public here in europe, so you are forced to use watered down versions bought from a grow shop.
Pesticides and Fungicides are the best example of this i know of.

Edit: ( im assuming “Ag” is agricultural )

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There’s only 16 elements and 5 classes of biostimulants to make plants grow. It blows my mind that farmers and gardeners can’t get raw materials for their livelihood in Europe

I am ok with consumers not having access to toxic pesticides and fungicides. I’m a huge advocate for biocontrols, which use natural “organic” (I hate that term) biology and processes to suppress pests and disease.


My go to :call_me_hand:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


Because its illegal to grow cannabis in most of Europe, fear allows a monopoly.
In the UK people rely upon the grow shop for they’re advice, a good example is L.E.D. lighting that is useless but still get sold under the guise of using less electricity, producing little heat so less out lay on equipment and electricity costs. So convinces the buyer its the “safer” option and the buyer falls for it.
When the truth is the shop is making 70% mark up,.
The buyer will return in 3 months, say the grow didnt go as planned, then get sold a myriad of bullshit additives. Return in 3 months to say its still not right, to be sold a 600w hps, fan and filter…
It’s insane but it happens ALOT.

Like Paul Atreides says in Dune. " Fear is the mind killer "

edit: he also says " we must control the spice " but that’s another issue.

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