Boiling Point of THC


5 micron really only can be done with a diffusion pump or a turbo pump in your system but i recomend diffusion for iT s tolorace for mistakes


What cfm pump would you recommend for a 2lt SPD setup?


I’m going to agree with @Lilibel. All the research I had done is the smallest rotary vane pump you want on a 2l short path is 14cfm and just like she said. You would probably be better served with a 21cfm Edward 28 or 30.

I went 14cfm on a 500ml short path. Not 5000ml but 10x smaller.


I have a question about my pump on my 2L SPD. I running a Welch 1400N .09 cfm should I be thinking about an upgrade?


That’s 0.9cfm.
How are your vac levels?
Head temps?

Even without the extra order of magnatude you threw in, it’s clear BVV’s “turnkey” solution needs work


This is what really bothers me about some of these companies. They know what works and doesnt work; yet they sell equipment which barely gets the job done in order to fit someones budget. I imagine if a lot of these companies were just honest with their customers; it would cut down on a shit ton of threads and problems.

There are such large margins on some of this equipment; i dont understand why some of these companies insist on nickle and diming us all the time or guiding us into the wrong equipment.

Im really happy for this place. When assembling my short path, there was so much knowledge here that is was almost hard to fail. while i might have went a bit overkill. It was more than enough to get the job done, and a lot of it i can grow into with a larger short path



Hmmm Ok what strain of material was biomass ?
What way of extraction from biomass
What sop s used for distilation preparation?
First pass or second pass report ?


This is not a distillation failur
IT s a pre distillation mistake along the line


I would bet that you might have experienced some isomerization to D8 and/or D10. You should ask them for a chromatogram to see where the spikes are.


I have ran into the same problem , I believe my problem might be to much decarb on the front end. I decarb (240f - 70min) material before CO2 extraction . Then one more decarb (190f - 30min) before winterization (freeze -35c - 24hrs.) , filter out fats , rotovap then into distillation. My final thought is I might be taking to long to distill , I have a 2L system with a Welch 1400N pump . Still trying to figure out my Temps vs temp in system


Yes, long residence time in the pot flask can lead to isomerization. Not fun.


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most likely you got it too hot. for too long. (probably because) you were not sucking hard enough.


Ethanol extraction
This was the FECO results:
CBD 8%
CBN 6%
THC 48%
THCV 22%
CBG 12%
CBC 14%

First pass I was running the heating mantel at 240deg, head 200 and the vacuum at 950 microns.

The results are from a third pass, second fraction.
The results from the second pass was slightly better than the third pass: Delta - 9 THC: 37.2%
I have now sent the second fraction in for a gas chromatography test to see whats going on.
My guess is that I was running to hot on the first pass


those are the results on your crude??

what’s the genetics behind that?

GC or LC?

whichever it was, see if you can get the other one done. with an LC it’s absorbance and retention time. with GC it’s just retention time…but the imposters won’t match the same peaks on both analyses.


Those high numbers for CBC, THCV and CBN are clues that you had some isomerization. BTW, all of those numbers actually add up to 110%.


That was the crude results from GC


With that in mind I will walk back my comment on isomerization. That would happen during distillation. I have never seen numbers like that for crude. Very odd and even more bizarre is that the total percentage doesn’t factor unknown stuff other than cannabinoids. There should be a good amount of that in crude.


110% cannabinoids out of what one would expect to be ~70%?

That suggests there is a problem with calibration or identification.

does your GC operator have standards for all of those cannabinoids?

I know there are high THCV strains out there, but that profile does not read like any genetics I’ve ever seen.

Could the crude have been overheated during solvent recovery?

are you able to have the biomass tested via GC? (long shot, you just extracted it…)


I’m going to wait for CG test result and then we can see where it all went wrong.
How accurate is the SAGE Analytics machine with test results

What will the THC Isomerization to?