Boiling Point of THC


no. or at least not the last time I talked to them. (two months?)

its been trained on flowers and “concentrates”, and does a fair job on those. it doesn’t know distillate well, and gets confused by isolate based on samples @Photon_noir has fed it (which I then looked at on an SRI GC).


I have my doubts about the test results


I"m running a 2L SPD/Welch 1400N 0.9 cfm would you suggest I increase my cfm to shorten time in system. Right now my runs are taking way too long IMO. I would think that 1000ml of 2nd pass should take around 6ish hours ?


I’m running right now with the welch mantel @ 200c / vapor 167.1c / micron 175


yes. upgrading your pump should be on your list.

You’ve got muliple folks suggesting 12-14cfm.
you’ve got 0.9cfm.
getting this right is almost entirely about how hard you suck.

@Beaker’s magic is possible because he runs a 21cfm pump on a tiny reactor, and achieves 0.75microns.


Carbon scrub , magsil ? DE ? Molecular sieves in ethanol ? Any of these can by acitic and create isomerization


cool , thx guys ! looks like I’m gonna get a new pump


Yeah. The Sage is total bullshit for purified samples. It throws a “fit error” every time, no matter how I prepare the THCa or CBD isolates. Crushed, melted, decarbed, evaporated residue… they ALL fail, and now Sage has stopped answering my emails and calls. You have been warned!


Thanks for this. I just found that thing last week and was curious about it. @Photon_noir


Of course. I had high hopes, but have been severely let down by a couple of NIR cannabis analyzer companies, especially with regard to fairly pure samples. It seems the Sage’s high end is around 95%, and that only reads if it has the “correct” impurities… basically what I call distillate, they call isolate. Their engineer, Alex, told me his team had run numerous pure standards as well as all the other forms of concentrates to create their various algorithm models, but obviously they had never run anything more than 50% “like” my samples; no live resin crystals, no isolates (not even CBD!), and certainly no pure standards… and although he agreed to work with me and others to continue to make new concentrate models, he apparently lied about that, too. Very sad.


Thank you, Photon_noir. I had my doubts