Biomass to distillate profitability

Hello friends!

Recently I’ve stumbled into a big problem with my cannabiz, price of input vs price of output.
I run a very small operation making d9, and in my area prices for biomass/trim has been skyrocketing. Average yield for first pass d9 for me is around 50 lbs : 1kg give or take.

Average price on trim right now is $300-400, so my question to you guys is - for how much bulk distillate is going for right now ( around 8000-10000), how are you guys sustaining profitability? Am I missing something here?

Thank you for your input and time

It would be helpful if you included your approximate location, as prices vary state to state (for now) regardless though those numbers for trim seem a bit high imo, especially if you are just using it for distillate anyways.

It would also be helpful if you included the market you are aiming to reach since the prices tend to vary market to market as well. Rec, med, etc.

Have you considered creating a usable final product to increase your margins?

if you live in an area with a decent climate for growing and relatively cheap land you could consider growing material on a small remote plot and sticking a wook out on the property to tend to the crop in exchange for American spirits and little cesars pizzas


Hey I totally volunteer to be your professional wook I have a really long hair a really long beard I do bathe but please don’t discredit me for that and I don’t mind American spirits but I prefer Pizza hut

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“Take it up with OSHA” -every grower ever

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I’m on the east coast of Canada and we’re targetting recreational market. We can create a useable product at the end use, but our yields are way too low. In the end after costs of operation included, we almost break even. At this point we can purchase D9 from another supplier for just a tad bit more. Which leads me to the question, how are they doing it thats different?

I understand this is not a question that can be answered easily, just wanted to get some insight. Should I assume that everyone that makes distillate gets their own trim from growing? Soemthing to discuss for anyone thats also doing ethanol extraction.

Thank you and have a great day.

Have you considered offering splits to people with trim instead of purchasing it?

If your costs really are that high, it seems like any sized indoor or outdoor growing endeavor would be well worth it.