BHO sugar how to

Just getting my feet wet with extractions. Im up in the air about getting a vac oven. I would like to find a SOP on making BHO sugar. Not the type I have to whip and heat either. I have little equipment but willing to buy.thanks for any feedback as im a newbie.
Im trying to get a sugar consistency slab of BHO. Not edible sugar

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dissolve decarboxylated BHO into some everclear then wet your sugar with it. Then spread the sugar in a glass baking dish on the lowest setting your oven will go and mix it every 10 minutes until its back to dry sugar again.


You know I can’t tell if you’re referring to a recipe on making edible sugar with bho or sugaring a bho slab with small amounts of second solvent. Sounds like it would work either way


Hahahahaha this has to be the funniest thread


Why does everyone seem to think to make sugar u need solvent?


Have you ever had residual iso or acetone in your bho? It sugars hard


Every oleo resin I have ever had in my life that I just throw in my drawer and come back 6 months later turns sugar


Yeah I agree but
Like @Cruzinlabs said basically, but doesnt take near as long…I can achieve EVERYTIME!

Run cold, colder the better… RECOVER ALL SOLVENT… Here’s the thing, you can even Vacuum purge this for 30min @ full vac and it still works EVERYTIME, but lately I don’t vac, just recover all then jar the resin! 2weeks later in cabinet and will be crashed…vac entire contents to clean up residuals…

It’s that sealed TIME w terpenes that really helps the process… Must be… especially if I can Purge quick then jar and still does it! Less terps comes out drier looking but still sugar…

But they 1000 ways to skin cat :wink:


Thanks, no just joined. So the larger the surface area the drier but will sugar faster? And I can just let that evap with some saran wrap sealed on it with room temp?

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I jarred this yesterday, its unpurged bho in a jar after i recovered all the solvent via cls i used a dewaxing columm and cold solvent, no coil just did a dry ice chill for 30 mins my tank ran fast and cold.

So in two weeks if i just leave it in my dresser it should crash to sugar?


That’s all I ever do with clean up vac at end… After week or so you can burp the jar every couple days to speed it up…if u cold enough blast it will w ease

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Thank you!!!

I did a cold fast run like 3 days ago and now it looks like this.

No soak, no dewax, no cryo crash. Injected at -10f, coffee filter, 6um, 3um filters. recovered at 85f to 0 psi, poured and scraped all oil into a 80f diamond miner and sealed it. Was a cured trim run from a greenhouse grow. Used nbutane. Yay crystals, thank you everyone for sharing your teks.



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Leave it in oven on parchment a day or two longer then shatter. It will sugar up eventually.

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Ive done this a different way…i made a dewaxed slab…then after i changed my mind and said i wanna turn into crumble…so i heated it and whipped it in a pyrex dish…after it all crumbled up idk why i decided to pour butane on it all over again…i have a oven thats broken and just sitting there so i stuck it in there…when i checked 3 days later a layer of sugar had formed on the bottom…the top layer i was able to pour off… so the nucleation from the whip made the sugar crash out…then i let it settle by adding butane


How much butane did you put back in?


Awesome looking sugars

Dump your pour it in an open Pyrex pan less than 1/2 inch thick. Let it offgas in your lab space

Throw it in a vac oven for a few days at 90

Watch it do science stuff right before your eyes!

It’s better to whip and jar however, less terpene loss