Bho polishing experiences

Anyone have experience using pyrex wool for filtration ? Inline or as the material in a true dewaxing column/method ? So far as a prefilter to for my filterplate it works wonders compared to my old filtration method. I saw nothing on my paper i lay in the filter plate. I used 10 micron filter paper in my filter plate. Then i used 4×7 90 micron press bag to hold approx 56 grams of pyrex wool to create a dead space in the bottom of my column/filterplate junction. 18 inch dry ice dewaxer. I avaraged 370 gram fill per tube. Used a 5:1 gas to material ratio. 70/30 n butane/propane . cls passive. Cold injection. So after i collected my honey and disassembled my columns i removed my wool “fliter socks” and to my amazement they were still subzero coated in waxes n lipids the fell of all powdery. The wool itsell full of green blotches. But once i cleaned the wool n hung it in the sun to dry it got a reddish hue. What is this red showing up? Rusting heavy metals? Also is it possible to clean and reuse the pyrex wool?

I have been wanting to put scrubbies in my dewax chamber for a while now


Without even trying to dewax the pyrex wool held back chlorophyll, lipids n waxes i can see the slab will be lighter than before. Also this was my 1st my filter paper had no trace of anything on it but a lil yellow. im really curiuos as to the red hue showing up after i tried to clean up the wool with alcohol started to dry.


Could have been the alcohol oxidizing?

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The wool is supposedly 99.89% glass you think. Alcohol is oxidizing the .11 thats not glass or metal removed?

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not sure what you’re pulling out.

but if you want to polish BHO, there is a more developed tek available right here that you should check out before going too much deeper into your current rabbit hole.

Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.

oh, and if it fell off as powder, it was probably THCA, not lipids/fats/waxes

you’re not the first to make that misidentification, nor will you be the last. @Photon_noir has literally pulled handfuls of THCA out of the trash because the operator(s) didn’t know what the white powder caught in their filters was. pretty sure its posted around here too.


What u mean by scrubbies?

Pro-Pak or anything like that

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I use this in my filters->
I don’t use powders for filtering so this helps keeping the filter paper from getting clogged and flows better


Ill take pictures next run im pretty sure its not thca. But pyrex wool is supposed to be a cleaner scrub media compared to steel wool or propak due to it being 99.89 glass among other properties such as its time to max cold soak. Scrubs down to 11-8 micron if im not mistaken. Thats worlds above my old ghetto tec coffee filter only working around 40 micron.

Less metal involved means less residual heavy metal contamination from oxidation.

I’ve read that article and I’m am currently trying to reinvent my old dinosaur of a system to include a chroma column scrubber.

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Hey dude. Just curious… Do you record your stats while comparing runs. I was just curious if you’ve noticed a significant difference in anything to do with yields and quality when adding the pyrex wool and if so do you think that you would say that the quality change versus yield decrease was significant enough to continue to run using the pyrex wool as a filtration method? I myself have been playing around with different parameters in my dewax stage and have been keeping my ears open and wondering on things that have worked well for others.