Better quote/price for rotovap, short path distillation, chiller, vacuum pump; welcome your DM

As a vendor from china that has been specilizing in producing labs equipment, such as rotovap. chiller, spd, glass reactor and so on.
There are many my customers in the forum and thanks for their support, so i will provide better price with everyone in this month;
if you want to know more info, just DM and tell me your inquiry.



Hi buddy, I am here

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I’m in the process of purchasing some equipment with @Terry_Manager. So far he’s been nothing but helpful. I’ll update as the process moves along, but I’m hoping for a good business relationship!


@Terry_Manager has been good to deal with, always quick to respond with quotes, and has good prices. Lanphan Industries is the manufacturer for a lot of the re-branded equipment in the US, so you can get it direct from him for much cheaper.

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We could supply all glassware, just tell me your requirement.


i saw many posts about wiped film or thin film evaporators.
As the manufacturer from China, we could also manufacture this equipment and i there are also many models of film evaporator.

Then i will show two main specification of it:

Evaporator inner diameter( mm) ; Feed volume ( kg/h )
60 ; 0.5-3.0
80 ; 1.0-5.0
100 ; 2.0-8.0
150 ; 3.0-15.0
190 ; 5.0-20.0
220 ; 8.0-30.0

if you want to know more specification or quotation, just DM and i will provide more info with you.

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Plz send me quote on that cold trap I need a bunch of em

Which volume of spd do u want to use the cold trap with?

Cold trap for 4in wiped film

There will be discount price for labs equipment.
This is for u guys.

Any requirements, just dm and I will quote

Now there is 50L rotovap with automatic lift is in my stock.
i could send it immediately, so welcome your inquiry

Now there is 20L rotovap and 50L rotovap that are in stock.
Welcome your inquiry and order from me.
I could send it immediately as order from me.


5L and 10L short path distillation

Welcome to your inquiry by dm

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Hi buddy

Good price for labs equipment, such as rotovap, chiller, short path distillation, vacuum filter and so on.

After sales service from terry and it will be better.

I have been here for your inquiry by DM

Good day Everyone,

Now it is in the last quarter of the year ( 2019 ).
In order to thank you for your order and support in me and my company

I will supply discount price of labs equipment for you during the last quarter of this year.
Many models and pictures are as followed:

1) Rotary evaporator ( From 2L to 100L )

2) Short path distillation ( From 2L to 20L )

3) Hemp extraction centrifuge

The Latest Hemp ethanol extraction centrifuge for sale CannaBusiness

Hello Everyone, I am manufacturer from China that has been producing and selling equipment for many years. Now there is the latest hemp oil extraction centrifuge; pls see following specification: jacketed centrifuge Floodable Control panel Drum volume is from 15L to 860L. Drum speed is from 2000rpm to 950rpm. NO LEAD TIME! A LARGE STOCK!! FAST DELIVERY Waiting for your DM for more details ( price, lead time , other info ), and i will reply to you immediately. [PIC_20190808_144208862] [

4) Falling fim evaporator

5) wiped film/molecular distillation

6) glass/stainless steel reactor

7) Chiller/ vacuum pump

8) Other equiupment that you need

There is better price, good service from me, and fast delivery time.
My contacting info:
My email:
Whatsapp:+86 15037171596

If you want to know the price and detail, pls DM me and i will send the quotation to you.

Welcome to your inquiry!!!

@Terry_Manager you there, would like to buy a 500ml heating mantle like the one USA lab has, (the new version) ship out before chinese new year.


I had david make me spare rotovape flasks, the 2000liter you sent me, didnt fit like i asked severale times.

Thank you for your inquiry sir.

Now there is no 500ml heating mantle and we will rest tomorrow. sry about it.

Maybe i can send it to you after New year.

is it ok for you?

uff i would be so happy if it could be mailed this week, that will sure make up for all the miscomunication we had on email about roto spare parts, sorry im not more patient after a while.

No chance it can be sent out before ? i dont need spare flask sent, i will buy one from david custom blown even tho it more money for me

i tried writing to you about heating mantle and flask not correct size januar 15. but no answer


do you have this version? exactly the same display. not the old one.

Thank you for your reply sir.

Because there is no stock and the production time is about 5 days, and we will rest tomorrow and now almost agent for shipping have rested, so it can not be sent to you before New year sir.

Hope that you can understand

we can make that blue model,