Better quote for lab/experimental apparatus, welcome your inquiry and DM

As one manufacturer from China, if u want any questions for experimental apparatus, just dm me or browse my profile and send your inquiry content.

Main apparatus: rotovap, explosion proof rotovap, rotovap with two receiving condenser and receiving, chiller, spd, vacuum pump, molecular distillation and so on.

I could provide good offer with everyone

I change my previous ID and now is Broma.
It is my new post for experimental apparatus, pls support it

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How about the rotovap from me?
If you have other questions, just dm or email me, I will help u

The first thing you can do is make a compression/weight ring for those vacuum filters! This should be cheap and simple.


Just like this


that will work!

Also how about 500ml to 22L fabric heating mantles. The price for glas-col mantles are crazy. I’ve seen the heater liners sold on eBay by themselves. I don’t know of any Chinese companies making cheap fabric mantles


I’ll take one


I can retire my 6x 600ml buchner setups

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lol with a filter paper securing device those buchner filters would be a pretty sweet setup!

Also how about a Yeast Brink Keg and a table top buchner!

How about a 2" Triclamp lid that turns and sinke keg into a storage vacuum vessel w/ dip tube?


Welcome your inquiry for rotovap, chiller, spd and so on, just DM me.
Although there will be a holidays, however I could receive the quotation and i could ask my technician to arrange the preparations for production during holidays, then immediately manufacture your products as we work in order to send to you early.

Just DM me or browse my profile, there are other contact info and send inquiry content, then I could proviede good offer with you.
Happy new year!!

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I think for that keg mod and lid you need to have
Someone or buy the kegs with the Tri clamp
Ferrule welded on. I don’t think they come this way.

And that keg is $200. Trust me. That is not gonna be cheaper in China. No f**ken way! Shipping alone is gonna be $100

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Ya probably Not the keg but a custom 2" triclamp to turn any cheap used keg to a vacuum vessel

That’s a deceit price too. $90 for that piece is cheap. Probably cheaper than I can sell it for.

That whole combo is a really deceit deal. I’m actually thinking of picking one up. Not the lid. But the keg for sure. I’d like a 4” lid though. Then you can have a sightglass too

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@Terry_Manager we need an explosion proof centrifuge


They are a glass company bro. They aren’t magicians. Lmao! :joy::rofl::joy::laughing:


i will follow you

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Pls support my new post and also thank you for your cooperation with me.
He purchase some rotovap from me and just believe me and my power.

Thank you

@Terry_Manager. It’s getting a bit confusing with all the name changes.


Nothing happens, you know it is just a name for forum, but my English name is not changed.

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