Better isolation in a roto than a reactor

Been really playing around with multiple crystallization methods and have landed on a method that can be done in any roto vap and yields better purity and quality than a reactor. Also much faster, easier, no grind needed…

Anyone else isolating in a roto?

Go for it

I may have misspoken. I’m doing a method in rotos that is much better than a reactor.

No we got that, but why are you teasing just spill them beans my dude


Doesn’t sound like it’s going to scale very well.

Please elaborate. What are you isolating in a rotovap? I have ever only used them to dry down solvents. Purification typically happens on a column where as concentration happens on a roto.

Your absolutely right about scaling. But in 3 50l rotos we can isolate 100kg of distillate per day… and when equipment is not being used for isolation it has a purpose.

This is referring to isolating CBD. And yes it is not typically used for this but it is working quite well.

@Rowan I’d love to share but cannot do so if no one else is doing the same thing due to company contract. If other people are doing this we can talk openly.

Just trying to see if this is IP or it is already put there.

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Yes there are tons of videos on fb of people using pressure swing and evaporative cooling to force crystallize but if you have something to add in terms of wisdom we would all love to hear it

This whole proprietary info nonsense that y’all are camping on is sort of totally conflicts with the culture that made this forum what it is.


Oh, like you’ve never done it


Are you referring to evaporative crystallization?

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The words you’re using here are quite confusing. If you distill something there shouldn’t be any solvents to pull off hence no reason to roto. Once CBDa is distilled it is typically fully decarbed and will readily crystalize on its own. I have made a jar of CBD distillate crystalize by sticking a scupula in it and mixing it around.

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Think outside the box…

@Rowan maybe you are right but if I can save someone 50-100k on a reactor with a better process and equipment they already have I think it is fair to compensate me for time and money I put into development and if that isn’t a big part what made the forum what it is, then my bad.

That was my exact thought.

But what happens when someone wants to scale up from a roto? They won’t want your tek anymore… So isn’t charging pointless? My 2 ¢

A reactor should not cost 50k. If you have the right sources a metal reactor at least is usually cheaper than a comparable rotavap

What is cheaper than not having to buy an extra peice of equipment? And this process is much easier.

If you need to do more than 100kg per day I agree there are better options. But most people need to be able to make 5-50kg batches.

Ok so you weren’t prefacing this as an sop you’re selling you’re sort of working your way into it and it’s not a very effective sales tactic, you seem bashful or something.

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Yeah, I do all my small scale crystallization in a rotovap. It was also how I learned to scale up the same process into our glass reactor.

You can do it slow or you can do it very quickly if you use vacuum as another tool.

Here’s a thread about it.