Better Flange SPD - Stainless Steel Short path systems

Glass retains the heat better actually, refuses to let it go is the problem

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So it’s inefficiency at thermal conduction makes it a better insulator? Interesting, guess I never really lined up the dots that the more thermo-conductive something is the more prone it could be to heat loss. Learn something new everyday!

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Yes this was at a THC lab in San Diego. Installed and did this run

It’s a balancing act. Glass has a higher specific heat than steel. That means it takes more energy to raise and lower glass’ temperature. In early mains that is a hindrance. In the end of mains the retained heat isn’t enough to justify going with glass only for that reason.

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Ever fill your flask with stainless steel BBs?

My reactor head lab society setup can hit 4l/hr pretty easy

Most heads on glass systems are designed to condense inside the head so the condenser isnt actually doing much i have some videos of this in action on my IG

A stainless steel boiling flask would make a bigger difference for speed then having a steel system or head IMO

Better heat transfer to the crude = faster

This is why steel wipers are 50% faster then there same sized glass count parts

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I’ve been wanting to try this, vacuum rotary passthroughs for the appropriate amount of torque are $$$ though

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We regularly clocked our 10L all-stainless system at over 10 LPH. It was almost too fast, as we never got automatic feed and tails discharge punps setup for it before we stopped distilling on the regular.

Aren’t necessary. But if you’re set on using such a thing, custom tends to be quite a bit cheaper.


One can still work on glass when placing stainlessteel heating elements
Inside the glass vessel Wich are controled by variac (not pid)
Working on NS couplings is not advisable personally done this on qvf
Glass Wich is easy to connect to stainlessteel

How many liters of crude could i process in an 8 hour shift with my little 2l terp unit?

This is the head I have

What parts would need added to distill noids?

It depends on the crude! Let’s assume you have cold crashed HTE where there’s lots of terpenes in the mixture. I like to give a batch 3-4 hours to complete so with this system you’ll get to fill the 2L flask twice in a shift. Around 2-3 liters of crude input per shift is what I would estimate. You can always increase the size of the flask to increase throughput.

You can upgrade to a cannabinoid head and add a collection for about $2000 all in. That gets you another collection flask, a cannabinoid head, and a condenser. You’ll use the same cold trap. You might want to add one more stand to help support the new parts.

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how much cannabinoid crude could i run through with the upgrade into distillate?

can i put a larger boiling flask in that mantle?

You can put about 1500g of normal crude into one of these flasks for distillation. Everything scales up in the 5L size to about 3500g of normal crude.

Looks like a larger boiling flask isn’t going to fit into that mantle. Ai has mantles that are very reasonably priced and I’d be happy to get you a quote for one.

This is what the kit will look like after the upgrades for cannabinoid distillation and collection. We call it the Peyronie system due to the bent head. It works great like the OG heads and will easily keep up with a 2L system. This head can also run on a 5L flask though it won’t be as fast as the wider bore 5L systems.

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A 5L terpene distillation kit is going out this week. With all the THCa hemp out there you can use this to save the terpenes and keep extracts d9-free.