Bestselling Cannabis Extracts Cartridges, Disposables & Batteries

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Are you looking for a partner that can consistently provide your company with vape devices and packaging solution that is designed to elevate your extracts and help your brand stand out from the rest?

Backed by 13-year experience vaporizer manufacturer, Buddy Group has built up the strengths of R&D and manufacturing on vape carts, disposables, batteries, pods, wax vaporizer, etc.

We have rich OEM/ODM experience, we’re able to assist with you, no matter you’re considering a fully custom hardware project or in-depth treatments & branding on vape devices.

We’ll post vape devices here occasionally, any questions, feel free reach out us by or whatsapp:86-13712261086, thanks!

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T: 86-755-61552398-829

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This’s our bestselling Screw-on Ceramic Vape Carts .

It’s made from Lead-free Copper for ensuring no presence of lead or other restricted heavy metals in cartridge during vaporization or storage. We sell 300K+/month, the quality is premium & stable without complaint all the time.

Carts Strengths:

Hi :point_down: Here’s 400mAh Preheating & Variable Voltage Battery

It’s compatible for all 510 thread cartridge, different voltage settings make it easy to enjoy the vape at user’s desired temperature. Voltage setting/Logo/color/surface finishing/package are customizable.
We have samples ready, anyone like it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Introducing Newest 550mAh Rechargeable & Disposable Vape Pen
It designed for thick cannabis extracts! Higher heating temperature, consistent coil saturation. 550mAh is definitely enough to finish 1.0ml distillate, no longer need to worried that the battery died while still has oil left in the tank! :clap:

  • Rechargeable With Magnetic Hidden Micro USB Port
  • BCORE Ceramic Heating Element, Superior Vaping Performance
  • Compatible with Most of Oil Viscosity
  • Special Airway Design Decreasing Condesate Generation
  • Horizon Intake Holes, No Oil Residue
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Delicate Gold Electroplating Top Airflow Vape Cartridge, delivers accurate extracts flavor. There’s no holes on the bottom, so avoid leakage problems.

how hot do these sell, and when selling, is there a risk of fire?


We’re selling all of them now, and no risk of fire :joy:

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Hello Here introducing Type-C Charging 290mAh Variable Voltage Vape Battery for your review. :wink:

It fits well with all of 510 carts, Voltage setting/capacity/Logo/color/ surface finishing/package are customizable! Wanna have a try?

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hello @Vape.Manufacturer .
Did you have a type C charging pen buttonless ?

Hello Fred, :grinning: Let’s discuss it in private.

interested in some samples.

Hi :grinning: Introducing 350mAh Buttonless Inhale Activated Vape Battery With LED Indicator.

It’s perfect pair with all of standard cartridges. When inhaling, the LOGO at the bottom will illuminate, constant 3.7V voltage heats oil uniformly, which allows users to consistently enjoy the same pleasure of vaping from begining to the end.

Surface finishing/LOGO/light color/packaging are customizable, welcome inquiry!

Here’s latest All-In-One Sealed Vape Carts, which preserve terpene profiles for optimal taste and sensation. Do not need capping, which save a lot of time & labor cost when filling oil. It’s compatible with most of cannabis extracts from thin to thick.

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Semi-automatic Filling Machine for Sealed Pods & Carts
Filling Spead: 1K/hour, high effiency.

All-Ceramic Screw-on Cartridge
Considering vape cartridge, what do you care about most? :worried:Vaping performance? Leakproofness? Heavy metals? or Price?

Our All-Ceramic Screw-on Cartridge is best solution for you :point_down:, High quality and moderate price .

Pls do not hesitate to message me by WhatsApp:+86-13712261086, thanks! :relaxed:



Introducing Delicate Shortest 290mAh Rechargeable & Disposable Vape Pen :yum:

It packed with food grade materials, premium rechargeable battery, smart UI and air sensor activation. Endless customization options to perfectly match your brand look and feel. Anybody like it? :thinking:

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Hello everyone, :hugs:

Are there anybody attend Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas?
Buddy Group is going to exhibit Newest THC/CBD Vape Devices at CHAMPS(Booth No.:4244) during July 27-30, 2021. Welcome your visit!

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If there’s a vetting process for Level 1-3 plant matter type sales here, is there also similar for hardware or equipment sales? If this has already been discussed my Search Fu abilities have failed me.

Hello sir, do you have any questions about our company?

Are you worried about photooxidation of cannabis distillate in cartridge? Here’s the best solution for you, cartridge with dark brown glass.

Although the glass is dark brown, but the oil is still visible, just like the bottle of cough medicine. Glass color is customizable!! :sunglasses: