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That looks like it is already oxidized. Prolly just going to sit on the shelf looking oxidized.


Now that you put in all the work the make a nice pretty distillate you can hide it behind dark glass. Because you know… Oxidation…


I mean I see the application for personals but yeah good luck conveying to the custy on the other side of the counter that its a good thing


Hello everyone :hugs:

Now introducing our newest Full Transparent Rechargeable Disposable Pod Vape Pen , it works well with most of cannabis distillate and live resin.


  • Pod is only made of ceramic & PCTG, liquid is visible, no heavy metal issues
  • Full transparent design which is flexible for appearance customization
  • Dazzling lights twinkle when vaping
  • Optimized ceramic coil, good flavor retention, large vapor
  • Inhale activated without button
  • Rechargeable with type-c port

For more details, don’t hesitate to contact me by or 86-13712261086, thanks!

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:grinning:Hello everyone!

Are there anyone going to visit MJBizCon in Las Vegas this week? Welcome visit our booth:N2026. We’ll show you newest vape devices at the exhibition!

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Best-selling Ultra-slim AIO Disposable Vape Pen, works well with majority cannabis extracts, best with live resin :yum:

  • Optional voltage(3.5V/3.1V) for different viscosity of extracts
  • Proprietary ceramic BCORE, no central post, no wick
  • Strong oil adsorbalility, rich & subtle atomization
  • Easy top-filling compatible with all filling machines
  • Rechargeable with micro USB
  • Customizable liquid window shape

Comparing with screw-on cartridge, will you prefer Easy Snap-on Cartridge?

It’s more effective for filling and capping. No arbor press required. and the optimized snap-on structure eliminates the worries of leakage.

DM me pls if you like it, thanks! :grinning:

Alina Wang

That’s great!

Snap-on Full Ceramic Carts: Will it be your dream cartridge? :thinking:

2ml Cylindrical AIO Disposable Vape Pen
Will it be mistaken for regular e-juice vape pen? :joy: Actually it used for cannabis extracts!

It’s found that low temperature vaporization is more suitable for majority cannabis extracts on the market. The pontency & terpene can be brought into full play without burnt taste, hot throating feeling when vaping. :grinning:

Here’s newest Low-temp Variable Voltage Battery for your review. :point_down:


I would like to get more information about your vapes. My company is interested in purchasing 1 ml vape pens and packaging. We want the pens and packaging to all be black and without any logos.

Thank you!

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Introducing newest Variable Voltages AIO Disposable Vape Pen for your review!

Advanced 3 low voltages setting is more suitable for majority cannabis extracts/blends on the market today. The pontency & terpene can be brought into full play without burnt taste, hot throating feeling when vaping.

If you like it, pls whatsapp(Alina: 86-13712261086) me, thank you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey, Introducing newest Low-temp Variable Voltage Disposable Vape Pen :star_struck:.

It’s a unique design integrating 2 coils in 1 POD, which enables vaporization at low temperature to preserve the most terpene flavors & potency with mild but double amount of vapor production. Throat feeling is good, too. The vaping performance of extracts can be elevated to top level.

Kindly whatsapp(Alina: 86-13712261086) me for samples if anyone like it, thanks!

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these are replacement pod ?

Yes, it’s replaceable pod
But we’re able to make it AIO style if necessary.

ok, it looks nice

How much for these?

Hello :grinning:, kindly review Cannabis Extracts Vaporizer Catalogue in attachment as below!
If you’re interested in any of items, DM me or by whatsapp, I will at your service at any time, thanks! :handshake:

M: 86-13712261086
Web :

Catalogue-Bestselling Cannabis Extracts Vaporizer.pdf (29.4 MB)

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