Best WFE Equipment

I’m curious to know what everyone thinks is the best WFE equipment on the market now for a company with a need for about 2kg of distillate/day?
Also curious as to why you like said equipment over others?
Much obliged

Please use the search function, this has been answered a million times.

There is a little magnifying glass in the top right corner that will search all previous posts.

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only three comments on that thread. Not helpful.

Here’s a good one.
China vs Germany: WFE cage match?

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Are you planning on growing into it? Most wipers do at least 1l/hr, why spend the extra money on a wiper vs a shortpath if you only need to produce two kilos per day?


Thats why I also included the link to search. If you cant find the search bar helpful I dont think you will spend a lot of time here. Guarateed 95% of every question you have has been answered here 100 times.



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You can get that end result with a 5 liter SPD in a couple hours. Hit me up on ig, huge deals all day and easy of use with full free support and consulting over telle anytime you need.