Best way to fill 1000+ 1 ml luer lock Syringes with raw distillate


Hey guys,
I may have 2 solutions to filling “luer locks”. What we could make you is a single fill design. The system would use a 1 liter per minute peristaltic pump. The tubing and pump cartage would be replaceable food grade tubing. The tubing would attach to a throw a way luer-fitting “nozzle”. This system will be attached to a Z axis that will move up and down to the syringe… Then you load the syringe in a fixture then the luer-fitting “nozzle” goes down, the syringe turns to lock and the peristaltic pump fills 1mL or what ever you tell it. Or you can just have a operator load the syringe and lock into the luer-fitting “nozzle” because of the low numbers a week. Depending on the automation you want it would be less then 5k. Only issue is how much psi does the luer lock need to fill?


Here is some video of the Thompson Duke Industrial MCF1 back filling luer tip syringes.


Just a follow up to this. Ypsioil has a no return policy once you have used their products. Not sure about the other vendor mentioned here but just be aware of that with Ypsioil. Their customer service leaves much to be desired.


Well if anyone is still looking for a luer lock filler here is our version. We adapted it to our single bottle filler. It still uses our peristaltic pump so you can pick any volume in real time. I attached a video of it below


Nice job Ryan, if you could adapt that so it could fill vape cartridges as well you might be on to something if you keep the price point reasonable.


@nomadgt …Thank you! We are trying to get more into this industry. On the vape fillers what does a average one cost in this market?
Thanks for the advise.


TAKE MY MONEY I want one lol


I just ordered two 50 shots even though I don’t live to far from yipsi oil


they are very expensive anywhere from 8k-30k and I hear there are only a few that actually work well. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with now that I’ve seen your site etc


Im even more excited to try the two guns I already ordered from you guys the other day after reading this. I did tell you via eBay that the seeing the video on your web site would help sell more of these and I suggest you post one here to increase sales. Thanks


Yeah check out Thompson Duke as a benchmark:

Their manual machine is on the low end of that price spectrum. They seem to have a solid reputation with a good product though. There are others out there but I’m not sure they are any better or cheaper than this.



I also ordered a piece and expect it to come in this week/end.


We appreciate your business. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed. Feel free to message here, email, DM or call us anytime!


Hey, thanks! I appreciate that. I’ll post a video here.

When we made this video the intent was to show how easy the FiftyShot is to use. So we used a new employee who had never filled a cart in their life. As you can see they operated the FiftyShot with very little learning curve and averaged about 2.5 seconds per cart on their first run.


Thank you! orders placed this weekend should be going out late this week or early next week.


I just ordered 2 - Lets get the party started!


Where can you buy the parts separately?


It is a syringe heater you can get off eBay, and an all-flex metered syringe.

Bam! $150! If you are filling syringes, you want some luer lock adapters.


You rock. Thanks!


Do you like them?