Best solvent to scrub


I did a room temperature filter through a 20 micron filter from summit and its sitting in the ultra low right at -76 to -81c now you’re saying for full fat coagulation wait 72 hours?


No in an ultra depending on the amountput inside the freezer at once between 3 and 24 hours


72 hours in a Home -18C freezer


Any tips on getting my hochstrom to flow faster? Should I use a less fine filter for the first pass just to clean up big junk?


O Yes
Whats in iT other than filter paper ?


Keep everything cold When winterizing
So between filter steps back in freezer


Plain sand ( like aquarium sand clean)
On top of filter and You can scoop up the gunk while gooing


Is it normal to take like 5-10 minutes for less than a half filled hochstrom to filter. And nothing just a 20 micron filter from summit I’m changing the filter like every few cups lots of fats I guess


I dont have any sand on hand do you think sieve beads would help at all?


Everything needs to be cold thou don t
Sievebeads would be a waste
And sieves can be acitic givin You more problems along the way


Idk what I’m doing wrong idk if I’m trying to filter to much to fast but takes over 30 minutes for a funnel filter to drain


Is it possible my solution is too cold?


Nothing wrong filter yust clogged with fats
Yust make. Sure iT all stays cold so smaller batches at a time
And Yes a rough filtration first might help


No not really If You have the means to read ultra low temps You can do iT at -60C
Your etho Will be less viscous


This is the one of main reason why most large extractors are using Cryo ethanol extraction No Need to winterize


Ahhh yeah just bho washed in 99 iso but yeah gonna bring the solution back to warmer temps and filter with a 20 micron until there’s nothing on the filter paper or very little atleast cause it’s barely flowing if at all


Yep coffee filters are around 25 microns and cheap thats what i use most and then a last pass treu 5 once temp of liquid alows


So bring back to warmer temps for smaller micron filters? Lol just tried a 8 micron at -40 nothing happened lol but I’m not pulling anything else out with a 20 micron or coffee filters


In time You Will start notecing this winterization is strain dependant Some strains are full of shit and Some are fairly clean
Extraction methods used also make either a lot of fats or less

And winterizing solvent dependant
Ethanol is the least harsh solvent and pulls probably the most out
Acetone is the fastest in coagulating the fats
Iso is the cheapest :grinning:


Yes You can bring back temps -40 C starts beeing the highest temp for large batches
For iT cools down quiet fast
Most important make sure everything is cold
I pre wet filterpaper in the Buchner bag iT and put in the freezer to Cool down before use
I also keep My bottels of 10 liter laying down in the freezer so that If al fats and Waxes have droped to the botom i
Have as little as possible a stir When emptying since the bottom is then the side😀