Best solvent to scrub

What is the best solvent to scrub with? (Carbon scrub, bleaching clay, etc.

Ethanol and pentane and Brinewater are solvents the public likes most
Methanol and isopropyl , hexane are great
But considered dangeraus
In My opinion end product is what makes me decide Wich to use
And Some times availability
For Distillate i don t mind using Any of. The above as long as they are high quality
For BHO pruducts i can only recomend butane iso butane and pentane
R 134 and other coolant gases i don t recomend
Dymethylether DME i don t recomend either due to its polarity worked a lot with iT years ago regret that now


At all times working with solvents remember your own safety first gloves are a must so is ventillation
And second the user of what ever iT is You make
A producer comes in contact millionfolds
With solvents than Any user
Love yoursself and You know how to love
Protect yourself and You Will know how to protect


Could I use 99% isopropyl alcohol for the distillation process?

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Tou can use 99% iso to do a wash of your biomass. It will pick up LOTS of gunk and undesirables. From what I’ve read

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Huh ?? Explain what You mean Please ?

I have 700 grams or so I pulled out of my closed loop (crude) with intentions of winterizing and distilling through a shortpath could I use isopropyl as the alcohol solution or does it have to be ethanol? I just know iso has some stuff that womt release until 250f or higher if I’m not mistaken but the shortpath will reach like 200c right so shouldn’t be a problem? Idk? Little to no knowledge of SPD just what I’ve been reading on here no hands on yet.

To winterize iso can be used but since iT s a more agresive solvent than ethanol iT won t be winterized at iT s best
Some fats and Waxes jump out If solution but not all
Acetone works better so does methanol

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So it would be safe to use 99% isopropyl? For the spd process?

If this is for personal use
Al solvents iso
Ethanol methanol hexane heptane and pentane and acetone can be used If they are of quality Some solvent s get dirty by wholesale handeling

This is only for disstilate !!!

I just recently started working for a dispo and they said the previous guys were using this and the test were coming back clean not wanting to harm anyone I was just curious. But you’re saying the handlers can sometimes gunk up the purity?

Yep Some wholesalers bring out there own brands of solvents but have only one botteling machine If this is not thuoroly cleaned liquids can be poluted benzeen beeing a bitch for one
But again for Distillate iT s Ok


So winterize in iso takes a litlle longen than etho in a -18 C freezer about 72 hours


By the way your boiling point refrence of iso was at normal atmosphere but under vac in the SPD iT s a lot lower so even better


Thank you kind sir

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If you can cryo extract biomass with 99% iso (80.00/4 gal), and not get all the nasties, I’m changing up my game for sure.

350/5g of 200 proof food grade etoh vs 80.00/4g of 99% iso. Huge savings!


I used to cryo extractions with lab grade acetone. It works really well. The only thing holding me back right now is the Panda.