Best SOG strains for lollypopping?

Hey Everyone so I just started a grow and I’m going to be doing a Sea of Green/Clone Factory set up. My questions for ya’ll is:

  1. What are your favorite strains to grow in Sea of Green and why?
  2. If you had an unlimited plant count and between 5-10k sqft warehouse what method would you grow and why?

Green crack 7 weeks doesnt branch and does well packed in hoop houses

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Dayum - 7 weeks is crazy fast!

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Just about anything from b.o.g. Seeds. Sour bubble is that shit. Pure commercial sog strain. 1 week veg from the cloner. Pop 2oz in a 1 gal square pot. Can fit 49 in a 4x4 table.


Ya 8 tops or it doesn’t come out nearly as good. There was a strain called “upgrade” out here was great for the coliseums when that was the new new

man 7 weeks, I can’t imagine flowering that fast. Everything I run now is 10-12, sucks waiting haha

The dark heart nursery blueberry muffin is quick and stout.
Also makes yummy hash

Franco’s lemon cheese is good for sog at 8/9 weeks it’s funky skunk cheese with a hint of citrus makes yummy rosin

Obviously the gorilla glue and gorilla zkittles is perfect for sog

I used to grow a week called cherry white, it made amazing looking hash but wasn’t my favorite, just kinda a sweet taste .


Realistically any strain can be coaxed into any grow format to suit your grow style. Some needing more attention than others.

Out of 8 different strains I flower, 2 I must top 3x more than all the others to get the canopy I want.

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I hear people giving Ethos a lot of flack for whatever reason, but mandarin cookies does really well in situations like that. Doesn’t grow super tall, I have some really nice purple 50ish-day phenos, and it generally prefers untopped. A lot of diesels and afghanis will do the same, just one big cola and you can pack them in efficiently. Legacy stuff that was popular on the east coast is a good place to start, anything that was commercially cultivated in apartments.


I heard ethos had a lot of fem seeds herm out - but mandarin cookies is still on my list! They grow some fire

Is this a specific breeder’s Green Crack?

Through flowering!?

I’m gonna try some of these - my entire grow is for extraction. I probably shoulda posted that In title “best sog strains to grow for extraction” lol. I’ll try some of your suggestions out

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yes thats the whole point of SOG. Short flowering times. Minimal side branching. OK yeilds. The way to pump weight is in the numbers. Trust me its very hard keepin the number of clones needed for this but it can be very profitable when done right. Perpetual grow running 2x 5x5 tables with 64 plants per table popping off every 2 weeks with yielding 42-56g per plant.

lots of work…little to no vacations. I dont dream this on anyone. People that grew before prohibition ended know these tricks.


If you want a top shelf oil producing strain, god bud.

That squished more oil than every strain I ever grew.


Until we are operating at full capacity I don’t expect any down time :slight_smile: - especially since I’m the would be chemist as well. Can anyone explain lollypopping to me? My grower dropped the term on me and I don’t honestly 100% understand what it means. Am I stripping all the foliage from the plant a week or so after flip?

I’ll look into it!

you remove most of the lower and mid side branches and allow the top cola or colas to get all the light and energy. I dont like manual lollipoping. you want strains that do this naturally


Know any offhand?

Sour bubble from b.o.g is the shit. Anyone on here have the pink cut?

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