Best Route to learn

Hi to all,

Looking for advice on the best route to learn short path distillation and extraction at high scales. So far I’ve spent time reading through summit research and YouTube. My plan was to first join breaking.dabs for $250 learn as much as I can there. Then find help for hands on experience. Can anyone advise on these classes?

Extract Academy - $750
Elevated Research Solutions - $2,500
The Clear class - $5,000
Abcschoolsandtools -$5,000

Is there anyone on the forum willing to teach for good compensation?

Any advise on a good path to educate myself would be greatly appreciloved.


Why not spend time on here reading the spd threads that some of us have done just for that very reason. It’s all on this forum.

Plus more all have threads going into detail on our runs. I think some have even posted work sheets to follow along.


I’m sure I’ll need consulting somewhere down the line but ive been using ethanol to winterize, rotovap, and short path distill my cbd basically from the help of this community. You’ll make a few mistakes but they’re very patient and will minimize error if u just speak up as u go.

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@Rambo and I have been on here for a year. Not chemists, not trained. become a sponge and soak up the knowledge here. We are successfully operating and making some potent product. We’ve also met amazing people along the way. Couldn’t have done it without this forum.

This is where I’d start if I were you:

Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget)


Why should someone start with an ethanol extraction over a closed loop BHO system?

How long does a bho run of say 25lbs of biomass take. Then count in winterizing if needed, then purge and decarb time.
Then run that time against an etoh wash of 25lbs biomass, drain, filter, winterize (if needed), rotovap, purge, decarb time.

See which one is more cost effective and or easier.


In general,
Etoh for distillate
CLS for everything else other than solventless


For distillate.
Make sure you factor in marketability of your end product as well when comparing desired end products and their required processes


I took the elevated research solutions class. It was a pretty good class but it’s also just kind of a sales presentation for Lab Society’s equipment.

I would definitely go to the class after running a few times so you know the right questions to ask


for me it was simpler barrier to entry. bho is wonderful too

You’re saying etoh was a simpler barrier to entry for you?

Use the search bar.

I learned most of everything I know here and via experimentation and actually performing the work.

Read the Data Dump

@Beaker posted a lot of gold

And read @anon42519203 distillation thread

Just dig and search and keep searching.

Everything you need is on this site.


One of the masters…


Definitely will do that. Thanks for the pointers


Thanks. It was ran using hemp correct?

Thanks a million…

My experience is to only pay when its way above your pay-grade. How else are you supposed to level up? :face_with_monocle:

Ole is a cool dude tho.


Yeah it’s CBD based. But don’t expect any info or training on extraction or solvent recovery. The class was a good short path overview with limited info on anything else.

And correct processing before distillation is key.


I am. But it doesn’t mean my opinion is right. Just my opinion.

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