best place to order CLS

I’m looking to buy/build a 5lb rack mounted CLS. Who provides the most reasonable pricing with US inventory? Glacier tanks was almost half the price on some major parts when compared to local retail but I figured I would ask if Glacier is as good as it gets before I gloss over trying to build a parts list from their website.

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USA lab equipment. But all the “cheap” stuff is from China

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I’d say @Killa12345 as well. Although the last few months I’ve asked him 3 different times about what a 12”x24” collection vessel would run and he won’t get back to me.


@david took care of me

Its tough to tend to window shoppers.

so asking a price is considered a window shopper?

This dude gave away hundreds of dollars of seeds for free to this forum I highly doubt he is a cheap “window shopper”


Precision Extraction Solutions

I’m not window shopping.
Literally waiting on my harvest to come in and to get a price from him. I send business to killa constantly.

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Thanks brother

Funny enough, I sent free seeds to bg305 as well


Did that swipe need to be written?

@FicklePickle said he would recommend killa, but states his recent experience.

Kinda in bad taste man. No need to add to the negativity here already.


I might need to take a break from here for a bit, seems all that’s happening is shit flinging…


In the spirit of all the shit flinging on this website I’m going to do a seed give away again… stay tuned brothers. Let me get my morning coffee and smoke going and I’ll get at it.

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Fucking @Ficklepickle, guys like you are why my post above is total bullshit lol.

You’re a good dude.


Trust me man, it’s wearing me down too.


Why is cheap in “ “ ??

I think we all need to realize something about @Killa12345
He’s one guy. Not a store like most these places

And since he’s such great dude this site has SWAMP him. I can only imagine how many messages and things he gets now days

Be patient . Small sells I’m sure it gets to be time consuming. I can only imagine how many ppl ask for things then don’t get it

I had guy have me package up a honey pot and everything for him other week. Then silence. I can only imagine how many ppl message him w just wish list never getting anything

Be patient I don’t think he has a 5lb rack mounted ready yet anyways. Will be after CNY I think he told me.

Maybe bring ur questions about the collection vessels to some of us. We can try to tell u the right choice. Most of us was taught tons by him anyways we probably owe it back in moments like this too keep everyone happy

BTW what’s ur question about it I bet we can help


Lol. I’m just looking for a price on a 12 x 24 collection vessel. This, plus a fully jacketed spool

This is the “rainier” from oss


I’d rather send killa all my business, the dude is legit as hell. I’m just waiting