Best for BHO????

New here!!! Glad to find you guys!!! Interested in trying either Floraplex or True terpenes need some of the pros opinions on the best terps and diluent to use with BHO!!! Thanks in advance for any help offered.

First thing I would do is make friends with the search bar. There’s tons of info on both of those companies on here already.


Best diluent is no diluent!

Like @ZizzleB said, search is your friend here. And while I can’t personally vouch for any of the guys here, you can probably get superb hemp or ‘real’ terpenes from the forum.

(real as in derived from thc rich strains)


I agree with @Curious_Roberto. Winterized and decarbed bho for the win… after making my own and tasting the difference, I’ll never use a cutting agent. Your customers will love this, especially with the recent vape crisis.


I have a small closed loop system that I’ve been learning to use!! Lots to learn but I’m getting there.

Who has the best quality terps in you guys opinion???