Best ethanol and heptane denatured ethanol suppliers? Looking for go to company to supply all the labs I’m associated with and future labs I’ll be setting up

Looking for price on 190 proof ethanol 55 gallon drum and 270 gallon totes and then same thing for heptane denatured same quantities.

Anyone use the 710 spirits? Opinions on them?

honestly Best Value Vacs wholesale page is KILLING it with solvent prices, they beat pharmco aaper on nearly every solvent they stock- get in there



I work with a company called Ultra Pure, we supply both products mentioned in your post at a great price.

Shoot me an email to or give me a call at 203-662-9761 EXT 332 to discuss further!


Hey UltraPure!

You supply us with our ethanol. Have for years. Never had a complaint! Welcome to the forum.


$600 / 55 gallons or $2300/ 275 gallons is what I have been quoted from 1 supplier

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call my rep

Katie Pasquarella
Sales Support, USA Central
T. 203-740-3471, x6982
M. 203-570-5636

shes been nothing but an amazing resource and has fantastic deals- if i need something shipped like TODAY because I screwed up, she jumps through hoops to make it happen. Prices are fantastic.


What is the total quantity you are looking for?

Do pesticides stay in etho?

I feel like that’s a dumb question

Bring summit your best invoice. Well beat it.

Can you get me 190 ethanol at $1 per gal tax rate?

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Send me at the company email a valid invoice and I’ll send it to a supplier and get them to beat it.

I have in my inventory 99.99999 clean room ultra pure solvents. So I can try and match prices or find a drum with a few less 9’s behind it.


Five nines should be ok.

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Fuck the middleman, buy direct from the refineries.

Hit up Chevron-Phillips Chemical Co for a quote.


Please call us with any questions about price matching, or solvents from ethanol, to gas, to dry ice. Thank you.

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I couldn’t find ethanol or dry ice on your website

If you go to and scroll to the bottom you should be able to click on the Dry Ice section which gives info about totes and price per pound. Also should be able to find ethanol under liquids. But you can also DM with what you’re looking for, where you’re located, and I’ll send some pricing over. Our website lists prices for single purchase items and non repeat business. So if you’re a customer who would come back we can put a custom pricing package together for you. Thanks for the inquiry. Appreciated.

Ethanol available for direct shipment within Canada and the US.

I’m a sales rep for solvent direct. We will match any competitor with a copy of their invoice and carry more than just solvents. We can streamline your consumable supply by providing everything from solvents to filter media and even heat transfer fluids or pump oil on one invoice in a single delivery. In the Los Angeles area we are able to fulfill orders 24/7 and the rest of the country in one to three days. is my email, feel free to hit me up with any questions

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Check out Williams Distribution, LLC Ph# 317-749-0006 ask for Marshall Williams, he’s got the best prices around for solvents and lab supplies.