Best Emulsifier for THC syrup

Sun flower Lecitin is what I’m using rn but anything else. ?

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Spoons are great for eating with, but it helps to be able to see if you even need a spoon, first. There’s a magnifying glass to help you see better.

A single word search of the word “emulsifier” turned up all sorts of useful info.


yo i went on that spoon and that spoon didn’t really have shit on it bro I’m kinda getting the whole look it up before you search it thing. if you got nothing to say or links to add let that shit go homie

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One of the links had the info you seek without even having to click on it.

I gave it to you on a platter. You obviously didn’t look very hard.


I Look at that and still nothing homie they said lecithin works for him which i agreed to I’m looking for new teks

I zoomed in for you on the picture, and we can try again. Like I said, the info on different emulsifiers and what people are using to make syrup (lean) has been an active topic for a bit, and you didn’t even have to click the link and read the thread to have access to more emulsifiers.

Maybe if you’re still struggling to figure it out afyer this, I can be convinced to find a proper spoon. @cyclopath may be my mentor and friend, but he keeps the bucket of spoons with him. Harder for me to access.

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Yo I just found some bad ass info on this weird search engine. You should totally check it out.


I am not the most knowledgeable but 2wt% Polysorbate 80 1wt% Lecithin? You may need a homogenizer. Google has some really good info :rofl:

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