Best distillate formula? HTE or CDTs with botanicals

Happy Sunday Everyone!

We are a licensed cannabis brand in CA. We currently sell pure Live Rosin carts, and we are looking to create an inexpensive line of disposables to our brand with distillate that retails around $30 for a full-gram.

What are your thoughts for creating the best tasting formula with distillate? Our thoughts are 90% distillate, 6% CDT or HTE, and 4% botanicals. Our goal is to create a consistent tasting formula that can be mass produced. Aiming for the cannabis/flower taste consumers love with a hint of fruity notes from botanicals consumers also enjoy (which also can keep a flavor consistent).

Excited to hear thoughts what’s worked best for you.

P.S. Lets avoid comments that bash on distillate and botanicals. As this will not help us with our formula, and will only be a waste of energy.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Also, do you guys prefer CDT or HTE for taste?

What do you prefer?

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the only people who wouldn’t use hte over cdt’s can’t get hte

hte is cheaper to buy L2L especially in ca, more effects, prevents oxidation of disty

cdt’s are only good if you’re in the hemp game and cant have T in your carts


I mixed all my cdt with hte. Good hte is definitely a better product. I struggle to find a reason to distill the best hte


Novelty like raw garden

Most live cart consumers are wary of too clear now though. They want that live color.

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Ok. Good to know. Yes, we do have access to HTE. Going to try both CDT and HTE see what we like more

Your HTE ratio estimates are way off. I’ll tell you that much :sweat_smile:


I like 50% personally. 30% for the custys

Ok. What ratio do you recommend?

Don’t mix the fake stuff with the real stuff. The fake stuff all taste like cleaner like pinesol

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Do you mean fake stuff as in botanicals?

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You should look to hire someone for consulting or just try it out yourself.

There’s no set ratio. All hte is dramatically different

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This forum is our consultant lol. And yup, we’re doing formulations today. Just trying to get feedback what has worked well for others in past.

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