Best deal on bulk celite 545?

Anyone have a cheaper source for celite 545?

So far I’ve found 25kg for $321 here:

And 25kg for $295 here:

I’m not sure about shipping however.

pool supply stores?


Wow that’s a ton cheaper, thanks for the help.

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This is when you can proudly wear the cheapest guy out here badge


@square_root_pharms is that the same stuff that best value sells? why is it so cheap?

Check out Proof33:

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No green tax on it.


my god the mark up in cannabis industry is unreal!

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That’s right. Gotta love all the pocket watchers come in out of the woodwork.

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Everytime I go into my local extraction shop it makes me want open up a wholesale price store. It’s way over priced and they give out shit advice to make a sale

There’s 200 types of celite 545. What lot type you want.

This is salt content powder. This isn’t even fda approved

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Proof33 has celite 545 for $2.20/# shipped

Aghast at canna tax

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Indeed I didn’t go in depth looking at that case #

Cass number doesn’t even matter. They are mis used in effect to only divulge the amorphous silica test result. Not really the on depth composition of materials. see certain types of silicas like process silicas are free and void of dust and unneeded particulate. Focused only on an engineered combination and mesh of silicas. Then there are organic ground pulled silica like DE. The issue is at typically those types and part numbers of a sea light 545 is much slower because of the salts and the dust and the powders and the unneeded unused combination of materials that are pulled out of the ground without being pre-processed. I’m a much bigger fan of pre-processed silica’s because they’re clean free from dust they flow faster and they’re more accurate


Which silicas exactly do you like to use?

Are these types of DE good as filter aides?

Beaker liked the emd millipore stuff on Amazon

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I like engineered mesh silica.

No, bare organic silicas have dust and small useless particles in them. U want to have a combination of large particles and fine crystals but no dust and Clay’s or salts. Remember de by nature has organic decomposed sodium molecules in it from previous life, that’s diatoms.