BEST CBD/THC carts, perfect for Delta8

Branding your carts! only wholesale quality products.
+86 13559135783

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Original factory of cbd/thc vape hardware

You guys need to stop with the spam.

Keep it in one thread or something.

Get working on orders you guys have taken and have not sent out.


And please stop dm’ing me. I’ll have to add you to the ignore list.


@ky_cbd says it’s chill so they’re chill

Tbh, I don’t really care what he said, you can go through all of their posts and see they aren’t exactly endearing themselves to people. Posting private conversations and such.

Why don’t you tell @Pyroman they’re chill, they posted his private convo.


For the record I’m with you but according to the @ky_cbd school of thought since the posts are different renders and skus they can continue to spam. Meaning the posts could be endless as long as their catalogue and we’re just giving alphagreen a hard time.

And since then it’s only got worse, accounts with the names alphagreenxyz are commenting on their own posts saying omg love it yass

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I think they pander to a lower market than most here


I agreed with letting them do their thing until this morning.

if you noticed, any of my comments saying spam are from this morning on.

They were fine, but they are not now. The multiple accounts shilling was it for me.

I told them to look at @Liam84 as an example of what to do right.

Hopefully they’ll listen.


oRiGiNaL. The real OG.


This is such a scam. I paid this company but they haven’t sent my products. They created a shipping label and it hasn’t moved it weeks. They posted private conversation between me and another member of their staff. Anybody who saw the post could look up the tracking number and find my name and adress. This is bull shit and absolutely unacceptable!!! Please will sombody get this bull shit out of our forum!!!


Yeah buddy this is a absolute scam. They posted my private conversation with another member of their staff. They left my tracking number in the photo so anybody who saw it know’s my full name and adress. I’m pissed as hell and they still haven’t sent my products. They literally made a shipping lable and that’s it. This is such a scam!


Thank you, this Is absolutely bull shit and I’m pissed. They are on here scamming and spamming people. Get all of them off our forum!!!


Sorry to bring you bad feeling, I will talk with with my colleague what’s problem!!!, maybe any problem of his communication. But we are a honst and real factory who focus on high quality product.

Charge it back or take to resolution center in paypal yo. Glad i never pulled the trigger early on
Ill be watching :man_detective:

I don’t know if my colleague sent samples as promised, since the shipping ban, tracking update is slow, pls be unstandable, don’t be so angry. we will track it again next Monday.

I’m absolutely angry! You posted my private information! My name and full adress. What kind of clown show are you running over there? That is just unacceptable!


i never do that!!! I think it’s my colleague sent samples who will need these information for shipping. BUT we never post client’s private information.

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Yes you absolutely did do that!!! You posted my private conversation and showed my tracking number. Anybody who saw the tracking number could see my full name and address…

Can you believe she is saying she would never do that. You clearly saw my private conversation and my shipping number correct?