Best Brand/Make of Induction Cooktop for Decarbing


I’m planning on purchasing a portable electric induction cooktop (120v) for decarbing CO2 oil. I would like to find one that can hold a temperature (140c) reliably once set. I’ve been looking at Waring, Globe and Avantco. Any recommendations from folks using them?


an induction cooker won’t provide agitation (stirring), and it is probably better for your cannabinoids if you decarb them in the absence of oxygen (so many use vac).

that said, I’ve got a 1/2 dozen induction burners round here somewhere that performed decarb duty for quite a while. I’ll try and locate one tomorrow and see if the labels are still readable :wink:

we decarb in our rotovaps or vacuum oven.
still haven’t built a dedicated decarb reactor


Thanks for the shout.

Industion heaters are definitely quite unprofessional, but they can still work well for decarb and devol. proper agitation is a must though so get yourself an decent overhead stirrer for best results


Yeah, I second @Psilisophical overhead stirrer changed the game for me when decarbing.


I used my mantle to decarb in my spd flask. It Was super easy. No transferring to the next flask and losing product.


What vac level do you do it at too avoid the volcano of death?


I’ve done it 2 ways, vac and no vac.

Vac, just keep a hand on the vac valve and break vac if it seems like it’s going to bump over. Do this for a few mins. I keep stir bar at 75%-100% also

No vac, I keep spin bar at 100%, and go up in temps until no more co2 (decarb) bubbles are present, then go 5 mins longer. Cap off and let cool to room temp.


I dunno, I’m concerned @Psilisophical was calling me unprofessional :wink:


Haha, yeah it might be unprofessional, but you got to start somewhere and at that point pretty much everyone was doing it. I wouldn’t worry about what someone else thinks is unprofessional tbh. To each their own and it’s the end result that counts. 99.4% cannabinoids sound unprofessional to you? That’s what my heater gets me, so I could really care less.


Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. To clarify, for an “overhead stirrer”, I’m using a hand whisk. I borrowed an Avantco 1800 and it heats evenly but hard to hold at 130-5c. Does anyone know of a better quality induction plate for this purpose?Thanks


This one is like 50$ I own it and use it when my other hot plates are in use and I need to decarb something small