Best 510 Thread Battery

Definitely the peak, because the plus is garbage.

We need to make a carta compatible with the escc, that would be an absolute game changer

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My buddy picked up one of the Nebula Cartas & the thing looks like a rabbit vibrator.

Anyone tried the new Sourcevape Orb Versa?

Yeah they kinda all look phallic. Had hella issues with my peak but I haven’t rebuilt it yet still on the OG heating element so maybe that’s why it doesn’t work anymore lol.

@AppalachianExtractor did u ever end up getting a pulsar rok?


I guess I’m alone in having my first gen SiC cup still in tact. The cotter pin v3 looks like it should hopefully fare better

I’d still like to try the avs, but damn if it isn’t pricey

I hope it works out because I’m not keen on having to either crimp or exchange all the time since I know I’d mess it up, so I haven’t bothered until some better feedback on the new ones. Any idea why Matt moved away from the cotter pin initially on the SiC? Just thought the post would be enough?

the thru-hole style on the original crucibles proved to be too brittle iirc

I asked @Future about inviting Matt here as an affiliate, we could certainly use more vape knowledge here

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That would be awesome. I’ve been trying to convince a buddy with years of electrical/coil experience to pick up a V4 in hopes he might be able to brainstorm a few things alongside the community. That DT subreddit is a decent spot even with how small it is. Can’t say the same for some of the larger or other brand-driven subreddits.

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Vessel Compass is the best battery I’ve used, hands down. I started using their pen style batteries before they released the compass because they make quality products with good airflow. I’ve bought so many batteries, everything from ccell palm/silo, yocan uni pro, pckt, and a dozen random stick brands.

Vessel batteries have the best airflow of any battery I’ve used. Some have a lot of air resistance, not the vessel. Magnetic connect batteries always have issues, the vessel brand directly screws in. Any time a friends has a “broken cart” that wont work with their battery, I hook up my vessel and it hits just fine. They also offer a nice warranty, haven’t had one break, but its nice to know its an option. I also really like how the compass protects the cart because only the mouth piece is exposed.

Its button activated, which is better then airflow activated. Every airflow activated cart I’ve had eventually gets clogged and wont hit well. When its winter and the carts clogged, airflow activated batteries leave you stranded, while button batteries will warm up the cart and allow you to still smoke.

The vessel batteries have a auto shut off feature, where if you dont hit it for 15 min’s, it turns it off. No more accidentally pressing the button in your pocket.

Best of all, they look great. Very well manufactured, high quality materials, exudes a premium quality feel.

Reminds me of our Ispire Palm!

Nothing compares to the Uni Pro for under $30 IMHO. The battery you linked doesn’t even have digital adjustable voltage down to 2v. in .1 increments. I am all about those terps and run between 2-2.2v. No preheat feature. Also who vapes THC at 3.2 and 3.6v? I swear the people who design some of these vape products never actually vaped THC LOL.
Are you sure you actually own/owned the Uni pro?


When i started my battery search a year ago, I went to reddit looking for the “best” battery. I bought every single recommendation on reddit.

My uni pro is garbage. It was purchased directly from the yocan website, it’s $50 on their site, not worth $50 imo. All magnetic connection batteries I use eventually get connection issues. This year, I only use ceramic carts from qma, using wolkentek carts currently. In my uni pro, it has to be at the perfect angle otherwise it simply says “no atomizer” and won’t fire. Some have to be off kilter in order to fire, super annoying, because I can’t close the metal ring and keep it centered, and if i move the cart at all while hitting it loses connection. Some carts work fine, some have issues, I hate the inconsistency.

With the screw in batteries, the batteries where you thread the 510 connection directly to the battery are always better in my experience.

When I first started making carts years ago, I only used ccell, and sold probably 20 palms to my friends, every single friend has migrated away from magnetic connection batteries because everyone I know has had intermittent connection issues, which are obnoxious, especially for me, because I make the carts. It’s annoying getting a phone call saying to sold them a “broken” cart, only to hook it up to my vessel and have it fire immediately. Batteries are one of the biggest issues in the cart game. I have wolkentek carts that won’t fire on any magnetic connection battery, but work perfectly fine on a 510 direct thread battery.

The uni pro is cheap, but that’s also it’s downfall. It’s obviously cheap, it uses cheap materials, just feels cheap in the hand. I only had it for a few weeks before I had a wolkentek that simply wouldn’t connect, screwed it into my vessel pen battery, worked perfectly with 0 issues the entire cart. My uni pro sits in a drawer with my other junk batteries right next to my garbage pckt.

Vessels are expensive, but imo, worth every penny. If my vessel malfunctions after 5 months, they will send me a new one. Same can’t be said for the uni pro. Most vessel compass comes with 4 preset options, the lowest being 2.2v, the gold one only has 3 presets, the lowest being 2.4v I believe. I usually run my batteries on medium/high because I use thick oil and want to take nice big rips. I’ll sacrifice some flavor for a better hit as I’m usually on the go and don’t have much time for tons of hits. After all, my goal it to get high, not have the best tasting carts. I would rather take 2-3 big hits, vs 5-6 smaller hits, but that’s just me. I used decarbed and winterized shatter with 5% cbd terps, so my oil is rather thick.

What do you mean no preheat feature? It’s button activated, you just press and hold, it will preheat lol. Simply because you don’t press it a few times and have it go through a cycle on it’s own, doesn’t mean you can’t preheat. Click it a few times and wait for the cycle vs holding the button down for a few seconds, really no difference in my opinion.

To each their own. Some people prioritize flavor. I’m just trying to get high and I want a reliable battery that won’t give me grief

Have you cleaned the magnetic connections and the screw on piece?

After my yocan hit the yr mark I started having to more frequently clean the contacts. Every few months I take it apart completely and deep clean. Even replaced an LED that burned out. Qtip and iso

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Yeah, I’ve cleaned it. I usually clean my batteries after 2-3 carts. Old habit from when I used ccell palms

Sounds like you received a bad Uni pro. Been using mine since it was released along with 3 others who love them. Never had any of the problems you noted. If you do a google search you will see they are under $30 at just about every place that sells them. Not sure why you would pay more to buy direct from Yocan. When you use a pre-heat function it puts lower voltage into the cart to heat it so not the same as holding the firing button.
How did you come to the conclusion the materials are garbage. Did you take it apart or something?


I too rock a uni pro…two actually. Like anything that gets use in conjunction with a viscous oil, it must occasionally be cleaned. Best $30 I have spent in the vape game.

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I bought directly from yocan because I wasn’t sure about the random discount vape shops. I could either pay the $50 yocan ask, or pay half price from some random conspicuous online vape shop. I kinda didn’t trust the discount vape shops, so I coughed up the extra dough thinking it was a good idea. Everyone raves about the uni pro, I was ready to love it.

I call their build quality cheap, because for $50, it’s surprisingly cheap. The entire thing is plastic. If you shake it, it literally rattles from all the loose fitting plastics. For $60 pckt sells a battery machined from a solid piece of aluminum. Vessels pens are metal or metal/wood for slightly more then yocan sells their uni. I just feel for a product they sell for $50, they could of used better materials and it wouldn’t feel so cheap. The silver coated plastic on the uni pro looks cheap. The cart viewing window get covered in pocket lint and looks dirty unless cleaned often. You can see seams and screw holding it together

My vessel compass is aluminum backed with a plastic top, but the plastic feels of a much higher quality, harder more scratch resistant. The tolerances are very tight, it almost looks like one piece. No screws or anything, it’s just very polished and refined.

If yocan sold their battery for $20-$30, then the build quality and material use would make sense, but it’s not worth $50 and I personally want a better battery then that. I don’t mind paying a premium for a premium product, that’s why I don’t have kids, so I can splurge on things I care about.

I love my compass so much, I bought a second one as a back up. It’s their new Yosemite, it’s a beautiful sage green. It just feels great in the hand, has a super premium feel. My only issue/gripe is that it won’t sit upright, but I only use carts at work and on the go, so I just leave it in my car cup holder or door handle and it sits upright

Are you sure you even own the Uni Pro and not the old Uni?
The pro has an OLED screen and does not have silver on top that’s the old Uni. The only thing that rattles is the adjustable part that keep the cart from rattling once the cart is installed. After the cart is in nothing rattles.
None of the seems are off. Screws are countersunk. As I posted you can Google search and plenty of reputable dealers selling for under $25 shipped. It is not $50 anywhere except direct from Yocan as they inflate the retail prices on all the products they sell direct as not to compete with they’re dealers.

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no offense man but you sort of sound like someone paid to shill vessel batteries, which is kind of ironic considering your biggest gripe with the yocan is that it’s overpriced (even though you chose to overpay for it…). I got my vessel ON SALE for 70 bucks and while the airflow is great, the battery life is garbage. I can’t even get through one 1mL cart without draining it completely from full. Speaking of magnets the magnetic charger is also terrible. Never bought a product where I have to baby the charge wire more than the device itself. I’ve also run across quite a few hardware variants that just don’t screw on it. only 3 voltage options and good luck remembering which bougie LED color refers to which voltage. Needless to say it collects dust at my house. I use the uni almost always or the vuber pulse if I want a pen style.

Maybe their new box style compass is improved (I see they killed off the mag charger) but I wouldn’t be willing to spend 60 dollars to find out. My uni pro was 20 bucks with a discount code and it gives me great battery life and a wider voltage range than anything else out. I don’t mind the magnets because I understand the purpose of them are so you don’t wear the threading down in the device itself. I don’t know what you are doing to make them demagnetize but thats a very easy fix


If he is a shill he is not doing a very good job.
I will guess your Vessel has a smaller battery than 550mAh as Vessel says the Compass has the largest battery at 550mAh.
The Uni Pro has a 650mAh. Also it holds up to14mm diameter carts and adjustable height. Not sure how the 2 are even comparable even if they were the same price. I have owned tons of Yocan products and they all worked/work flawlessly.
I think the magnetic style batts rule. If your cart leaks a little you just drop the magnet in iso. Good luck cleaning that Compass if oil leaks as you cannot get to where the cart attaches very easy.

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Yeah, it’s entirely common for companies to set a high MSRP on their own site. Damn near every vape mod you come across is going to be more expensive on the manufacturer’s site & unless they’re a smaller company putting out custom work- I’m ordering from the reseller 9/10 times because they’re going to have a better price.

@gobstopp you only buy your shoes from Nike direct?