Best 510 Thread Battery

I did not find a thread that covered this topic specifically.

Have tried lots of batteries across the market, but have yet to narrow it down to what i would call the “best.”
Currently using AVDs plum batteries. Im a big fan of these over ccell’s batteries. For cartridges, I currently switch back and forth between ascents icell, and AVDs 2mm snap top.
Some batteries rock on one cartridge, then suck on the next.
I am looking for battery suggestions that you have found to be most versatile among different hardware. I am looking for quality over quantity. I really appreciate any input.

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I still rock evolve batteries. I have 3 that are in 3yrs of use.


2.2v gang! yocan uni pro is my favorite. I almost got into the battery game so I have almost every major brand of battery. If you like pen style batteries I like vuber the best for that style.


If you don’t want the really cheap ones, I like the Eleaf iStick Pico. Has enough power for wax atomizers, and can be dialed in to be gentle enough for a C cell. Takes a single 18650 and isn’t excessively large


I like that it has a replaceable battery. that’s nifty.

I’ve found the egoT to be a fairly good stick battery for cheap ones. You have to get them from the right supplier, but I have not run across a 510 thread cartridge It won’t drive.

I recommend this 390mAh battery mod for you, it is a sleek, portable device that includes different sized magnetic thread connectors for customized cartridge height adjustment.
Different voltage settings make it easy to enjoy the vape at user’s desired temperature.


  • Variable Voltage (40%/60%/80%/100%)
  • Fits for 510 Cartridges With Different Diameter & Length
  • High Quality Circuit Board With Multi-protection
  • Rechargeable With Micro USB
  • Petite Size With Elegant Appreance, Good Handfeeling

    If you like it, pls contact me by or Whatsapp:86-13712261086, thanks!

That’s what they put in Tesla vehicles. Interesting stuff.

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Fyi FWIW 18 is the width in mm and 65 is the length

There are bigger batteries (like 26650) but to my knowledge performance is not improved.

Battery mooch on insta has dard data

I think mods should use 18650s


Also one of the few mods that can run a cart with bottom airflow in the 510 connection.

Not 2170 cells? One limitation is they are 50% larger, but deliver almost double the current.

I would love to build a solar array and battery bank with these when Panasonic makes them more ubiquitous.

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The Pico is what you need homie


People are always clamoring for more battery life. Can’t say you’d necessarily need something running 21700 for your typical cart, but there’s several mods out there that can run a 21700 or 18650 with an adapter. That being said- I never run an 18650 in mods where 21700 is an option.

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M22 up top?! How is it?

It is amazing, I smoke concentrates now. If I ever go back to cali for carting purposes, this bad boy will be lie detecting everyones extracts.


Have you had to replace the clips yet? That’s like the sole gripe I hear about the thing.

Bro fuck them clips. I used them all up replacing clips once. Dont listen to their lies, you install the clips on the escc first, then shove them both into the deck. There is no other way, even the way they say destroys spring clips


Damn, that seems like an unfortunate design choice. Do you have those tweezers AVS recommends? Guess I need to weigh my options between running through a bunch of clips on the M22 or have a 400 degree crucible detach itself from the post with a Divine Tribe SiC for the V4.

The avs is far better than the divine tribe. The actual choice is avs or puffco with the repair coil and AlN nail


Have u tried the focus carta yet? Better than my puffco all day long

Edit: idk if you were talking about the peak or not

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