Bentonite clay


Why is bentonite clay so expensive from extractor supply houses but I can find it on amazon for fractions of the price… I probably wouldn’t question it but shit they Wanna charge 37 buck for shipping 2 kg bag at 5 business days… if shipping charge us so high it makes me wonder about the actual price markup… is it possible it’s that much better,


Typically you are looking at lab grade or USP grade versus just food grade. Also the extraction supply places typically have different pH levels the stuff you buy on Amazon it’s just whatever the fuck you get LOL


Damn… gonna be 150 into bentonite clay 2kg… ima line that shot up and snort it at those prices…


I’ve been running food grade bulk bentonite for a while now without any issues

But I am a cheap bastard operating out of a basement lab


How’s it working for you as far as color remediation?


@Shadownaught hit up shadow hes a direct supplier I get everything through him (he owns carbon chem :wink: )


For un treated, neutral ph bentonite (t5) you shouldnt be paying more than 150 for 5kg.
For treated, low ph (t41) you shouldnt be paying more than 400 for 5kg

Depending on how much/ regularity you’re interested in, we should be able to drop that even lower.

This is all regarding top of the line Carbon Chemistry Products.
Id be happy to help you go into it deeper, as would Shadownaught, im sure.
Shoot either of us a PM and we would be happy to help.

I dont work for Carbon Chem, but I happily distribute their products.


I will have 2 kilo packages of nuetral pH bentonite bleaching clay available for $100 in the greater Portland, Or area. Bought and paid for, coming on the super slow choo choo delivery system :slight_smile:


Whats your bentonitte sop
The cheap neutral one i mean
I am conssiddering putting iT in the. Boiling flask


Run through a buchner funnel like celite


I’m using natural bentonite now. But acid leeched bentonite ( I think t5) is available online as well.

I do my bentonite scrub after ac. Heat it to just under boiling mix on mag stirrer for 15 mins.

I need a bigger stirring device for my 10l bottles lol


T5 is water leeched to swell the clay crystal and give it more adsorbent surface area while maintaining flow. The T5 activation stage may use some acidity but that is neutralized, relative pH 6-7. T41 on the other hand is massively acid activated and after water leeching still has a relative pH of 3


from my understanding it could be assumed that all bentonite during the mining and pulverizing process could be considered “water leached” to get it in flowable form, subsequently this swells the clay then it is kiln or furnace dried. its possisble im way off here.

I havent actually tried taking a ph sample of this natural bentonite in an aqueous solution of etoh. i would imagine the ph is around 8 or so.


Its good that you are looking at these materials critically, but the process you are referencing is the standard production method PRIOR to swelling and activation. The moisture involved in the above process is the inherent moisture present after mining, swelling uses added water in stages.



what % of activated bentonite should be used in a scrub of 1000g of crude?


I use 10% in my scrubs and 5% if im putting it while its distilling


I use 5% never seen any better results using any more


10% seems alittle much when im already using carbon


Can anyone here share a bentonite SOP I am planning on a bentonite AC scrub in my process and didn’t realize it could be refluxed- thought it was just a cold filter cake kinda deal


When running through closed loop… or using as filter for color remediation when filtering butane slurry through a buchner funnel… if adding to boiling flask add 5-7% heat to just under boil and stir 15-20 min… filter through funnel over celite and filter paper…