Ben from Touch Science


Hello guys, I’m Ben from Tocuh Science. I’m so excited to join to this forum. You can contact me here if you have any question or suggestion on our products.

Any input would be welcomed.


Welcome Ben in the near future I will be in the market for a 2l Roto Evaporator.Whats your price including shipping.


I want to tinker with the 50/-120 three phase

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Thank you sir. Please let me know your shipping address, then I can give you a quote with shipping.


Do you mean you are having issues with our -120C models? What’s the issue? I remember you have one of our single phase -80C chillers.


Thank you for the quick reply shipping address is Topeka Ks. That should be enough for a quote as I will not give my complete address on an open forum


No problems with it. I was just using the single phase today to dewax.

I just want to test if it’s powerful enough for hydrocarbon vapor recovery. The numbers say it is. I’d just like to see it in action. Because that would be a really good price for that much power


That’s enough sir. I will give you a quote later

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Could you also supply a picture of your Rotovap with the quote thanks


Okay. What’s the temperature you want the chiller to hold when you do hydrocarbon vapor recovery? Do you need it below -80C? Sorry for too many questions.


By the specs at -40, that 10.5kw is more than enough to recover butane, or the similar. Technically, the 5.5kw at -80 would. I’d just like to see it.


If you don’t need it to go lower than -80C, then you don’t need the -120C model. A larger -80C model would be suitable if you want it to hold the temperature around -40C.


I’m talking about hydrocarbon vapor recovery. Cooling power, not cooling temp.


Okay, Then this model is suitabe. We have one of them in stock.


The total cost would be $720 with Fedex shipping. You can receive it in five days after we shipped it out.




Here is the picture.


How much for DLSB-30/80 Recirculating Chiller.

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Just sent you a message, please check it. Thank you.

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I use a 30/-80 set at -45°C for recovery, I typically wash about 25lbs of butane over 5lbs of material and even without prechilling the tane the system barely gets over 15psi during the entire run thanks to the constant pull from the recovery tank. Takes about 30 min to recover to a slight vac.

…but that 3 phase does look sexy! And 5kw at -80 would recover some butane in a hurry!

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