Beaker & Wrench - We Break Bottlenecks


Highest level of personal endorsement with this company.

Great customer service and work/business ethics, plus really good all around people.

Appreciate everything you guys have done for me and the community, including being so active here on the forum :call_me_hand:t3:


I have filled out the form twice now, no response yet. I have heard good tings
and would like info on their wiped film products


why pope instead of CTS for the WFE?

@medicalmike what size did you request?

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You guys planning on getting some actual customer service to @Siosis


Damn, with the TT debacle this would make it 2 for 2 on bad endorsements.


Columbo Labs?

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Cant blame who backs who after the fact.

@Future is not psychic. If so he would see thru the sheet-heads easier.


Yeah, you see this is the problem. No accountability now a days. Where I’m from if I tell you my boy is good for you to work with him. It’s a fact that he isn’t going to make a fool of me because he will be held accountable. I have said it before.


@Siosis about to Frank Lucas a mofucka.

he gonna go full DENZEL on some beaker and wrenches

:test_tube::wrench: ━╤デ╦︻ (▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)

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There’s not a company on earth that doesn’t have bad reviews, except maybe @Killa12345

If there is a pattern of bad behavior that’s where I start to get involved. Or if a company doesn’t take care of its customers appropriately.

Pretty disappointing to see them botch a second delivery, especially after being publicly roasted for the first one being shoddy.

@Siosis have they made it right with this second one? Was it their fault the second one was fucked up again?

@beakerandwrench have any say on the matter?


I know you will help out the situation my bro. It’s just crazy that you spend 100k+ for something that doesn’t work or even pump the numbers its supposed to. I’m telling you that there is no integrity with the majority of these companies because the people behind them have none.


3 strikes doesnt apply here. The violation is to egregious. If u have a company that values
a product at 100+k would u send it across country like that? Only means that not even the company values it at that 100+k. Look how they ship expensive cars. Also, do u really think BW didnt know those problems existed prior to shipping. No fucking way! They know it and the call back is built in to the price. See it all the time. A new bigger motor ain’t gonna do squat. Siosis should get both those wipers out of the deal. Working of course. Hollywood actors running a scientific instrument co. Scandalous!


Love those browning hi-power

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All, Regarding my previous posts about Beaker & Wrench, I would like to state that the matter has been entirely resolved. Beaker & Wrench went above and beyond to resolve this unfortunate situation and I am completely satisfied with how it was handled.

In my post on about Beaker & Wrench, I brought the interaction to the internet to bring attention to the matter. Due to the nature of the internet, this resulted in not only the situation being blown out of proportion, but assumptions being made about the owners integrity and character that are not true.

I regret posting the things that I did, particularly because it resulted in a “mob mentality” going on to disparage Beaker and Wrench, it’s owners, and its past actions. I would like to apologize to Beaker & Wrench for the trouble this has caused them and ask that the community at large reconsider their opinions and statements. My sincerest apologies to Beaker & Wrench and wish them all the best in their future endeavors


I wish that were true but i drop the ball more times than id like. I literally play firefighter almost every day fixing some sorta problem. Just on Weds, i forgot to ship someone filter plate on Tuesday…So i overnighted to them. Last night someone dm’ed me saying one of the sightglasses i sold them had a chip in the glass. Today ill send out a new piece of glass. THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT CAN BUY YOUR REPUTATION BACK. ONCE YOU LOSE IT. THE ONLY WAY TO REGAIN IT IS HARD WORK but you can put a $$ value on not losing your reputation. Over the last 3 years, my replacement cost is literally a fraction of 1%. My shitty boof chinese suppliers havent given me one single problem for a replacement parts or credit on a broken part. SO why wouldnt i do every single thing i can make right if i have suppliers that support me. :man_shrugging: Its important to build relationships with you boof suppliers so they can understand what your trying to accomplish. Send your suppliers in china a nice card on their birthday like you would here. Actually give a shit about the people on the other line…Not looking to exploit the chinese and maybe you can find chinese people that dont take pride in ripping you off like some others would like you to think

I have soooo many problems cause i deal in chinese goods. Sometimes people and companies just dont know how powerful an apology and a swift action can be. No business or person is perfect. Its how you deal with the problems is what seperates us all.

Its kinda sad to see such a beloved brand like B&W kinda destroy their reputaion like this. I really hope siosis get a bomb bulletproof unit but it dont sound like its gonna happen.


That’s one of the best summaries of vendor customer service I’ve seen in awhile.

Almost every vendor I’ve ever used be it American, German, Chinese, has screwed up a shipment or sent me defective material before. What’s kept me a return customer is how they handle those situations. The best people answer calls promptly, apologize, and make it right with speed and purpose. My best vendors have messed up, and they’re still my best vendors. Being a purchasing agent taught me to cultivate relationships with vendors, and that helped me greatly when I moved into senior lab roles, built and headed labs, and started doing customer service for consumer products.

Hell, just based off of how I’ve seen @Killa12345 speak of business I’ll be checking out his merchandise in the future. Customer service not only retains customers, it can bring in new ones as well.


You are dead on! However wrong doing and intent of wrong doing are 2 different animals. Who here thinks they tested these units prior to shipping? Who here thinks they had no idea of any bogus components prior to shipping? Siosis is owed 2 wipers considering all the revenue hes lost!


What a wealthy mentor told me…

The Fortune is in the follow up!

This is something @Killa12345 knows very well. :100:

:spoon: For a lifetime.