Beaker & Wrench - We Break Bottlenecks



Beaker & Wrench was founded by a chemist and mechanical engineer. We have grown into an innovation studio catered to the cannabis industry.

Our CEO is a licensed mechanical engineer, and we offer accessories and equipment to help break through the unique challenges that cannabis oil presents.

Offerings include Peristaltic dosing pump, Outlet Gear Pump, PTFE adapters, Filtration systems, Wiped-film evaporation sales and training, Post-Processing lab consulting, and Professional Engineering design.

There is nothing we can’t create.


Highest level of personal endorsement with this company.

Great customer service and work/business ethics, plus really good all around people.

Appreciate everything you guys have done for me and the community, including being so active here on the forum :call_me_hand:t3:


I have filled out the form twice now, no response yet. I have heard good tings
and would like info on their wiped film products


why pope instead of CTS for the WFE?


@medicalmike what size did you request?