Beaker and Wrench WFE

I am pretty sure B&W wfe is made from 6” jacketed spools that are custom cut and welded. The bottom part of the wfe is just a smaller spool inside the bigger spool. I want to do the same thing for fun. Anyone else want to take on a pet project with me?


if you wana do some crude drawings of your ideas i can throw them into solidworks, ill post em here for all to use.

lets break the interwebz with an open source wiper


What ever happened with @Rowan 's wiper


The evaporator body is the easy part from a design standpoint. The internal condenser, distribution heads, and the wiper basket that are more challenging. You could do a straight hot finger condenser and that might not be too hard if you already have a good fabricator. Finding someone to do quality welds is also a challenge.

The principles of a wiper are fairly straight forward, just getting it all to work in sync. Since there is such a short distance between the evaporator wall, basket, and condenser it wont tolerate vacuum spikes and such as well


If you design it I’ll look it over and give you my opinion on it

Make the evaporator bigger then 18 inches tall

Make that shit like 3 feet

@Rowan, can green machine really build custom wipers?

Because if he can we need to design our next wiper instead of buying it from tapion


Do you think making a custom wiper would be cheaper than buying from a reputable company? Building a WFE has crossed my mind many times over the years but when I started getting quotes on different parts for fabrication it started looking like an expensive project for production.

It would make a super cool R&D project, just curious about the prospect of it being affordable?

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Were looking into buying a 3 stage 12 inch yhchem body for 300k, I figure we should be able to duplicate the body for that price and make it exactly what we want

I think we would need this produced in china to be affordable

Unless someone on here can produce something like this at scale

I agree though the condenser and wiper basket are for sure the hardest part

The basket has to be perfect or it wont touch the evaporator and it wont work right

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I dont live anywhere near y’all but I can give my input/experience on WFE.

Chinese fabrication of the body and sourcing the chillers/motor/feed elsewhere would probably be the cheapest as you said. One day I’ll find someone with deep pockets who will pay me to build everything American.


We need to design a ROLLER technically

They’re better then wiped film if you do it like inconn does on the lab society

Theres has springs that push the roller against the evaporator making for a thinner film and better and faster distillation


I"m working in Fusion 360. Would you happen to have sketches or models or meshes of triclamp valves and what not?


The reason I started using this forum and posting was to learn to build a wiped film, I went and toured pope to get a better idea of how they were assembled cause I had never seen one in person.

The only reason it didn’t go further than buying most of the steel and 90% of the rest of the auxiliary gear was that the guy I hired to do the fabrication work stole the welder I bought for him to do the job onsite along with a chainsaw and some other gear… I still have a bunch of parts for it but many were repurposed for other projects, it’s funny cause @Future did an instagram giveaway of a 5L short path head and I won it, the photo he pulled up on the live feed was the wiped body assembled- so I just started distilling with short path instead and turned the wiper into a mixer settler for LLE

Woah March 2nd… wild 9 months


@Kingofthekush420 you’ll be happy to learn that our fabricator who you will meet on Monday has a fully equipped CNC lab in his garage so getting a finely balanced roller assembly and internal condenser built is gonna be well within reach for a prototype.


Good on you to point this out. Most of the units I work on are rolled film, I always say WFE out if habit, but I do overall prefer RFE. My first experience with pfte wipers was a small pope and I didnt like them at all. My first experience with RFE was an old leybold, dont think they even make them anymore, and I greatly preferred the RFE. Since then I’ve worked with chemtec and VTA, both are excellent choices.

I think an open source version of a chemtec style stainless with a straight hot finger and a roller basket would be a good place to start without being overly technical. Standard KF16>ball valve>KF16-29/32 ground glass>2L receiving flasks with a vac purge wouldn’t be too hard for basic distribution and collection.

A SS could trap with a KF40 inlet/out to a diffstak and a good roughing pump would also be pretty easy to have fabricated.

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I’m sure @Siosis could clarify, but I was kind of under the impression what people hate the most about B&W wfe is the PIDs and other electrical components, making sure those components are set up correctly would also be important.

Wasn’t there an issue where they had some kind of sign on the unit that was poorly wired into the motor power chain?

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Yea I remember he was pissed about how they wired that sign

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I wanna make it weird and have the main body spin instead of the wiper assembly, and It’ll be upside down, and have weird bulb shapes inside like an allhin condenser, with like springs that push up against the edges to roll, and for some reason have dual coils inside it with different colored heating fluid so it looks like dna :dna: and the internal condenser spins too

Then market it as some sort of groundbreaking new technology called a rotowiperX4Helix (you can add more bulbs custom and Call it the x6) and sell it for mind bogglingly high prices and then come on the forum and make ridiculous claims about its speed and efficency in comparison to the competition when it’s really just semi-functional art

Then we’re gonna hire a famous stoner actor to sit in our booth at bizcon and draw in the chads



Put some lights on the outside, then your in the money


Did I mention it’s got some sort of massively oversized UV bulb that claims to convert thc to CBN but leave cbd alone? It’s also a black light and there’s lasers for some reason but it’s proprietary info but the lasers can totally be switched to party mode


Since they changed their design to wipers and not rollers I haven’t gotten a chance to check it out. Their PIDs were straight, it was a torquing issue that shorted out a circuit I think? I havnt rly heard of anyone else having the issues we had electrically so I wouldn’t say their PIDs were an issue really I don’t think. No more sketchy then getting big PIDs from China for sure

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Let me know what you need, and we can fabricate it.

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