BBTANK, iKrusher and Ocitytimes. best wickless ceramic cartridges

I make co2 oil and pre-fills and i go thru about 300 a month and have tried dozens of models from abunch of manufacturers but especially these three.
BBtank is reliable and smooth draw with premium feel
IKrusher has bold styles that work well
Ocitytimes has great deals and has the hardest hitting model of cart i have found to date

my winner for hardest hitter is OCitytimes model c-7
the gram capacity ones are better for loading cause u can fit a thicker guage needle

best value added product is Ocitytimes model c5-c cause its premium feeling with boro tube and metal mouthpiece, it works really well and its cheaper than most plastic ccell tanks

Funny story about Ikrusher, my contact there ive been talking to for like a year now and he’s company was selling so well he actually moved him from china and started up operations in San Fransisco so if ur in cali u can go look at the products before buying them. but there moq is very high


I had been reading that ceramic coils are poisonous if they degrade. Is everyone using ceramic coils?

ru talking about silicosis? the arguement that dust from the ceramic breaks off and u inhale it?
if that did happen then it would probably be bad for u cause inhaling any solid particulates into ur lung is bad.
but ive cut open a cartridge i had refilled till it broke to see how the coil was arranged and it had “reclaim” oil on every surface and a small aperture for the airflow. If many pieces of dust or debris were being sluffed off there is zero chance all of them got out without some sticking to the walls. and the was none and i mean none. i was looking at it with one of those cheap digital x100 microscopes.
im not saying it cant happen if its a shitty cart or its damaged or overvoltaged some other confluence of events but that doesnt make them poisonous. many people r but there r other options that use porous ceramics as a wicking material instead of vertical ceramic coils that heat the ceramic cup. they arent the same kind of ceramic and they are not under the same heat so people havent said anything about those yet. there r truely wickless once but they arent as common.


Thanks for sharing!
Hard to find reliable reviews and info vs the number of suppliers and models out there.


Do you know of any other companies in the us i can order carts from. Ive been using ikrusher foe the last 1.5 years but need to find a alternative and i cant always be waiting for shipping from china


no i dont, anybody else who keeps their inventory in usa ask 2x as much usually

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Jupiter’s CCell run about $2.00 each at 2,000 count, 1ml. Haven’t been happier with any other cart, and have used just about all of them. Even if the price isn’t quite optimal, I have’t found a cart that can deal with varying viscosities so well. These carts hit like a rig and taste proper. Only cart I’ve seen reputable live resin producers put their product in. Anyone having used CCell and switched to something else - let me hear your story! All ears.


I got some samples from Jupiter and I wasn’t impressed with the flavor compared to the other carts we use. I get good flavor at 3.5-4% terps with the other carts. The same mix in a Jupiter didn’t produce any detectable flavor at all.

Come to find out, I guess Jupiter’s customers are cutting distillate with anywhere from 5-25% terps. Yikes.


how many ohms. my first guess is they’re low, and hence running hot. it doesn’t sound like a QC issue if other users are upping the terps to compensate.

we ran into that problem with the g-pen carts. at least a couple of them. might be a qc issue in their case.

you understand the phenomenon from playing with your enail right? lower temp means better taste.

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Absolutely. The Jupiter carts ohmed out at about 1.2-1.4. Our current carts ohm out at 1.6ish.

I did try and compensate for the lower ohms by using a lower voltage but it still doesn’t work. And the Batts Jupiter sent to use with their carts were set at 3.7v and work great with our non jupiter carts so idk.

Thehealingalchemist uses Jupiter carts and I’m seeing him fill them with fuckin plastic syringes so he’s gotta be cutting it pretty heavy. Looks thin AF.

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try them at 2.7V. then work your way up.

Doesn’t do your customers any good unless you pair with a variable voltage battery, but it will at least let you fill the demo carts for personal use.

waste not want not…


Thanks I’ll try that. I did waste a bit filling them all before testing lol.

Love this post!

Wondering what mm size you typically go for? As big as possible? 1.6mm? 2mm?

Also, I don’t see the C7 on Ocity’s price sheet they just sent me.

I used to use BBTank back before ceramics came out and I had really good experiences with the GLS cartridges.


Depends on ratio. If youre just using terpenes for flavor, bigger hole equals bigger hit.

If your mix is too thinned out bigger holes can lead to gurgle and spitting issues.

Either 1.6-2.0 would be fine for most thicker honey like oils. I have seen carts with adjustable oil holes too! Never tried but you can close oil holes completly for transport and they fully open to 2.3mm.

Ocity only has two carts without glued internals. C18-VC and C19-VC. I have tried all of their carts and the c19-vc hits a bit better more airflow if you can deal with the centerpost.

Another option is Shenzhen Itsuwa Electron Co. They are original manufacturer of Liberty tanks from what I can tell.

I found them all using Aliexpress alibaba made-in-china dhgate etc


I’ve been wondering about the Ocity stuff, thanks for the review. They have a nicely priced filler also Anyone try these ?

Continuing the discussion from BBTANK, iKrusher and Ocitytimes. best wickless ceramic cartridges:

Plant2pipe, and others-

What product do you find accurately automates filling of the cartridges?

We are in the market for an automatic filling & capping machine, to free our employees from repetitive actions which invite carpal tunnel syndrome.

Any help the community may provide, pointing us in direction of an efficient desktop unit that won’t waste product due to inaccuracy, is appreciated most highly indeed!

@AtomRoot1Botanicals there are plenty of the discussion on filling machines around here.

Was the problem that you didn’t find them?
(there was talk of organizing this mess into a wiki at one point…)

you can type out the search term thusly:
Search results for 'cart fill' - Future4200 (that’s a clickable link).

or use the magnifying glass in the upper right of your screen.

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Thank you, @cyclopath.

Still getting the hang of many things in life, this forum included.

Always the wiser with help!

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Have a sample coming from them this week, the have a LA shipping location here is info based on ordering domestic:

CCell style 4x2.00mm intake
1.4 on 2k and under
1.2 on 2k+

Hope to have them sometime late this week.