Batch crc vs inline crc

What do you prefer. Batch crc where you take your batch of crude and redissolve and send through crc.

Or just straight running your column and dumping through the crc.

And whats the benifit of doing one method over the other?


if u made that crude then u are recovering your solvent twice. sounds counterproductive to me.


True… My thing is im dealing with low yeilding material right now. Less then 10% for sure. So i was thinking i would end up doing less crc runs then actual runs since i know how much oil i can dissolve and send through my crc


Will you redissolve on ethanol?

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It’s possible to do some crc in a bunchel funel wirth 1 micron filter and T5 etc… On top??
Frome Spain no many knowleg about all those tech’s
Even the @oleumlabs cyco soo interestet just leve the solvent in the prillex an wrap it??
Who knows not me for shure ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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What kind of color are you looking for

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Why would i redissolve in etoh?

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Ya but dont. If you have to ask that question you cant safely do it.

That’s not at all what im asking about in my post

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Not dark

Batch crc is what i do for low yielding matrrial. Can do more runs a day without crc.


Instead of recovering all the way, recover too you have a 1:1 solution them send it through the CRC with some extra fresh solvent behind it.


Just use t5 at 50g per lb, you will get good color w/o much lose


how long does it take for you to dump a column through your crc?

I just ran a bunch of crude through my crc and as my color came out pretty good the stability of the product wasn’t. couldn’t make slabs or diamonds from it for some reason… still waiting on my test results… I was dissolving about 750-1000 grams of crude in 25-30lbs of ntane and I had an extra jacketed squirt bowl on the bottom with a 6x42 jacketed column above it… threw on a 6" sight glass on the bottom along with another sight glass on the top of the column… I through in some stainless steel scrubbies in the bottom of the jacket so when I dumped in the crude it had an easier time dissolving in the solvent and not clogging up my valve on the bottom. I also through on a filter plate with just a coffee filter to also ensure it wasn’t clogging my valve and bowl on the bottom for easier dissolving

All your cannabinoids are in the media

What media did you use?

Are you saying that to me?

Batch would make more sense if the media you used was reusable like MagSil or ionic exchange resins but if your using b80 your media is so cheap you might as well just pack it in with your material column.


im using celite, T5, silica, AA

just ordered a bunch of W1 though so im going to try that out

the only thing with that is I got a 75% return out of the column. and I ran an additional 20lbs of solvent over the media just to see if anything was getting left behind. I pulled about 20 grams of some Nasty nasty stuff out of it… looked to be all fats and lipids. because I run my solvent through pretty cold since im all passive

but when I run the same ratios and just doing biomass im able to get the most stable slabs out of it and my diamonds will crash within 12 hours

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