Basics of Rosin and Rosin Vape Cartridges

Hey everyone, I’ve been in the industry for a couple years now. I’ve worked at a startup hemp extraction, distillation, and isolation company and I’m currently at a startup cannabis extraction and distillation company.

I have a big interview Monday with an up-and-coming cannabis startup company. They are specifically looking for someone to do R&D on rosin and rosin vape cartridges for a new line they’re working on.

However, I don’t really have any experience with rosin. I’m very familiar with extraction and distillation. The last batch of cannabis-derived distillate that I made came back testing at 99.5% total cannabinoids.

Could someone provide me with a list of the basics of making rosin? I’ve seen posts regarding drying and/or freeze drying the plant (not sure why), doing an ice cold water wash (not sure why), and then pressing. I’ve also seen a lot of people struggle with adding the rosin to vape cartridges, due to its viscosity and the fact that they want to market their product as “solventless.”

Any information would be really appreciated. I just want to make sure I don’t look like a fool on Monday. Thank you.


Instead of writing out a long and detailed sop here’s a website that does a better job explaining all the process and hopefully answer all your questions.


I have made rosin carts from hemp. I will post some pictures of the process.

starting with hemp, washed into bubble hash. Freeze dry to remove water decarbed in oven


The reason it is so dark is from the starting material.

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getting interviewed in a couple of days and they are expecting me to know the In and outs of the job, I better go online and get people to feed me the knowledge…It’s like hiring a “master grower,” who has been producing bud For less than a year :crazy_face:


Does the opacity mean that this can clog your ceramic pours in your cart?

Have you ever try solventless color remediation?

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the consistency is key. with this material i had to add viscosity booster but is possible to achieve without. dablogic a solventless extraction company in CO uses a similar method.

i have not tried color remediation on rosin.

as in it was not viscous enough already?

or are you using a viscosity booster that actually reduces viscosity?

to lower the viscosity, rosin is typically very thick. the best method i have found for solventless carts is to press the material very low temp on the 1st press giving a more terpy profile. the 2nd press is turned up in temp to pull more of a full spectrum profile the 2nd press gets decarb and then 1st press is re introduced to the 2nd press to help with viscosity and add some flavor. with this method most of the time i am able to add the oil into carts without any addition to change the viscosity


i press at high temp toss rosin in jar and sit on hot plate for 2 days on low heat after that the rosin is perfect for cart and taste great no burnt taste and does clog the cart


That would certainly be my expectation, and simply decarbing in a jar seems like a great responce.

What I don’t get is why would anyone buy a “viscosity booster” that reduced the viscosity…ok, it does what you want, but the folks who made it are apparently unable to use “boost” or “viscosity” correctly, so I’d be suspect of any claims of the appropriateness or safety of their product.

what else have they gotten wrong?


Yes the wording is definitely off viscosity booster would imply raising the viscosity making it thicker, I think It was peak terpenes, Left behind by an old employee & hemp was discarded from work.

Maybe don’t apply for jobs you aren’t qualified for? If you don’t understand the basics of rosin and how to make HTE solventless pens, you’re already two notches below the average CONSUMER of cannabis products, whereas a PRODUCER of said products should be at least three steps AHEAD of where you’re at now, in order to do the job they’re interviewing you for.

I know this is an exciting prospect, but JUST MAYBE… stick to what you know.


Next time I get job I know nothing about I’ll have to make a thread asking everyone to explain it to me.

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Most on here and well as I will have a spoon, spork, or IV bag ready just for you when you make that thread.

And welcome to future4200.


Any $500 press recommendations?

Harbor freight 20 ton
Plates from low temp plates.

You may be at 600.

I forgot, I have a diy on it over at thcfarmer forum. Same screen name as on here.


Anyone know what size cartridge heaters/thermocouples go with a 3x5 set of caged lowtemp plates? I emailed the manufacturer, they just linked me to their controller. 150+ cheaper to DIY

Just measure them (or the holes they go in) when the plates come in the door?

I got the plates secondhand without a controller/heating elements/thermocouple