Bad consultant experiences

If you have had bad experiences with a verified consultant on here let people know. Kingofthekush420 is a verified consultant and has ripped plenty of people off. I have so many messages in my dm about there bad experiences so I’m making this post so you can post and see all the reviews.


I work as a consultant, if you had a problem with me, I’d be willing to bet that if it was a general complaint, it was over a hand shake deal which lead to a miscommunication. So, as such, I’d say if you have a complaint, you should be very specific about your expectations and where you and said consultant went astray. Its not really polite to just ditch a person’s name in the street and then not explain why you defamated them potentially. That way its justifiable and people can help you hire and organize your consults more appropriately on your next job.

I find that contracts are extremely rare in this industry. I hope you don’t skip this step and that you always have a scope of work mapped out. Everyone can assume, but this will help keep communication from turning sour.

So, that being said… lets hear the problem of said bad experience.


What did he do to rip people off? Any of the offended parties care to come forward?

… is this about those screen shots? Insta beef isn’t allowed here, sir


@Kingofthekush420 please state your case. All parties, be civil


This is the hiatus that happened on my IG, where @the.710.alchemist says I told him I’d give him a liter for getting me trim he didnt want to process.

@Future, should I have the guy who gave me the trim call you and tell you what @the.710.alchemist has been saying?

Hes trying to get my lab robbed and because of that he screwed off his plug and cant get work now.


@Future has been sent the unedited messages with the guys name and phone number



Is kush a verified consultant ? For starters it seems to me he just does a lot of R&D and shares that knowledge and if you want him to teach you those specifics he will. But even if he is this is a brokering point of conflict. On top of it it looks like the parties that are insulted are acting like the typical “meet me in the streets” type of children which makes me instantly believe Kush. Who I’ve only had great back and Forth discourse the entire time I’ve known him. IF you want to be broken off or make a percentage state it at the get go and say I’ll provide this service in return for XYZ. If you don’t and then come back later and are like pay me something for helping, he has zero obligation to do anything for you. State it up front as a cost of service. Or don’t come collecting at all. Simple business. Can’t come back a week later saying hey man I helped broker this stuff out… can I get some kick back? No you state I’ll broker this for 5% or whatever and move forward like that very transparently. That’s good business. Don’t be slandering good peoples names on here because your butt hurt and don’t understand how to do good straight forward business or brokering agreement paperwork


If you’re going to come in here throwing accusations at people, attacking their character, and potentially fucking with their money you better have some kind of solid evidence for said accusations. Where is your evidence?


The only thing I’m guilty of is saying I’d break him off after he bitched at me.

He says we had a prior agreement but you can see we didnt from the messages.

I’m not going to give someone a half liter of disty when they’re dragging my name through the streets because there butthurt they gave up work they didnt want to do.

And trying to get my lab robbed.

I literally sleep watching my cameras now with a 9 waiting for this foo just in case he gets my addy.

@Siosis my badge got revoked because of this :frowning:


Who taught you to make water clear @the.710.alchemist?

Why do you extract with hexane and winterize in methanol?


You use my SOP and say you can make better disty?

I can post hours of free calls I’ve given him because he WAS my homie and I helped him out. Idgaf what you say you wouldnt be making the kind of disty you are now without me. I mean you use my SOP…


Damn sorry to hear that.

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Its okay the truth will come out and I’ll get it back. I’ve done nothing wrong.


First they hate you…then they agree with you and then they love you. The stages of greatness.


Ahhhhhhh, YES, your SECOND favorite screen shots :joy::rofl: at this point this is just a meme

Don’t worry, i don’t got one either. #nakedgang


By no fault of your own @qma that’s just me not having enough time in the day


So the thread isn’t all bout @Kingofthekush420. I also hired a consultant and things didn’t go as planned. I didn’t see the need to air the person out on the forum as I took it as a learning experience. From now on I will meet with a consultant before hiring them to check mental stability. It should be a given but ask for 5 prior clients as references. Always remember that on the internet everyone is MJ but the reality is that IRL the majority didn’t make the cut. Do your due diligence before you hire a self proclaimed consultant.


Speak the truth BG. And if a consultant doesn’t clearly state I’ll happily provide other options to my associates If you don’t like my prices or want second opinions and isn’t transparent about what his or her expertise is in that’s a red flag. Like if you need WFE expertise parameters I refer people to @MagisterChemist if people need expertise on FFE I send them to @Kingofthekush420 if you want a total lab build out that’s where I come in with my equipment connections and overall beat processing for your money on cheap scale or expensive scale. Specific perimeters and expertise in specific machines is not what I claim and I’m very up front about that. I have great experience in a lot of machines but everyone has a specialty and mine is lab design and compliance. If a consultant claims to be an expert in every aspect of every part of a lab and doesn’t have any associates he thinks could help further or you don’t need second opinion those are all red flags. But either way you don’t go bashing them online. You take it as a loss and a learning lesson to get others opinions of that consultant before moving forward


Ask @Krative about the wiper consult I gave him.

2 days for the price of 1, and I guaranteed my work or I didn’t get paid.

I will not take a consult unless I’m 100% sure I can help, and that why I guarantee my stuff.


And that’s why I happily tell people to reach out to you for their FFE needs. I have total faith in @Kingofthekush420 work. This is complete slander from salty brokers and hustlers who just want to be petty


A good consultant doesn’t take a job unless they are positive they can solve the problem. If there’s guesswork that’s a shit consultant


Honestly why I can’t wait to get out of the consultant game when my lab is up and going in 45 days. No more dealing with these people that want million dollar labs with 200k budget and expect that because I’m a consultant I can become a magician