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I took a break from the canna world. Im tired of smoking some mids… I have decided to start up a new garden. This time I will be using Hydro. But theres too much shit on the net about it. I do not have the patience to invest 5k into a system then fail not knowing what im doing. Can someone help me build a simple system for a fraction of the price or point me to a good system that will fit nicely in a small apartment. I got lights, air stones, pumps and a 5x10 tent.

im thinking of cultivating 4-8 plants.

My budget is 1k

Love yall .


@FicklePickle is probably your man with the plan.


You can go automated for 1k. 24 3 gallon pots. 3 rows of 8.
I have a floraflex setup. It’s chill.
I like that it’s low so I can veg my plants longer for bigger plants since were limited to how much we can grow legally

I use general hydroponics trio for nutes and raw sweet, plus c. And root enhancer. And Moab. Cost less then $100 a run. Top shelf smoke. For what you plan on doing it’s prob less then $50 a run

Also if you don’t have lights the new leds are the way

A 5x10 tent is overkill for 4-8 plants. You can easily fit 12 3 gallon pots under 1 light in a 5x5 tent.

If you need a light I rock the Volt fl1. It’s better then the gavita equivalent. Done side by side tests and you can’t beat the volt for the price. There’s cheaper leds but volt is usa based with a USA warranty (which they do honor I’ve had to use it for a damaged light that my dumb ass roommate stepped on)

Are you in Cali? I have a 4x8 tray and table for it I’ll sell you for cheap


I really don’t think it can be done at that price. At least nothing in the dwc world. The smallest water chiller on the market and a ph doser and your tapped.

If you want to spend 2k we could get you fully set up with a small 4 bucket system, chiller and ph doser, nutrients and ppm meter.

Trick with dwc is proper crop steering, I’m only really understanding this after investing in a nutrient dosing system and seeing the results. Any operation running without really needs to stay on top of their crop steering via the top off reservoir. Understanding consumption rates, when and how the plants feed is really make or break it. The nutrient doser is around 4800. Then… it’s all macaroni.


Thanks for the set up, Im using a SF 3k for light. Im not in Cali.

Whats crop steering, is this something I should do with a mentor by my side or i can use youtube.

with 2k what should I get?

Im down to, how is this set up compared to the above set up?

Many ways to skin a cat. I’m a hydro guy. Some prefer soil.

$1500 for this but you could easily just buy lids and bulk heads from current culture and the buckets from EZ stor and build it yourself with pvc fittings from Home Depot for like $600. Then a blue lab ph doser for $500 and a 1/4hp chiller for another $650 or so.

No fancy drains like in the link I provided, but you need to walk before you can run.


I also hear hydro doesnt attract as much bugs as soil is that true? When I was growing with soil, I had sooo many tiny nats. they were so annoying I couldnt get raid of them.

More likely to bring a pest in from a bag of soil then water from the faucet.


What about the floraflex system have you tried it?

why’s current culture so good?

Current culture is just a brand of recirculating deep water culture. I refer to them because it’s an easy reference. Their bulkheads are also the best in the business, as well as their lids and media less system…. I prefer to use those from them. I have bought full systems from them but I don’t need all the extra bells and whistles.

The floraflex system is just an automated waterer for a potted plant. Just a different method of growing. I’m a hydro guy and will be forever. In water the plants take what they want, no struggling to hit the nutrients and the feed right. Which for me was my biggest challenge in my soil days

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You can get set up proper for 1k if you want to run coco in pots. It’s still hydro.

With your light I’d probably run 4-6 plants. My lights 720w and I’ve banged 9-12 plants under one with a good yield before.


Living soil in a pot and feed it water for literally the best herb you can possibly grow.

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With living organics, the plant knows what it wants and makes a deal with the bacteria to get it for them! So if it’s available and the microbes are doing their jobs then the plant gets everything it needs at the rate it wants!

i dunno, I made a dwc for cheap, ecoplus chiller, a pump, alot of airstones and some hoses. Im a diy kinda guy though. I was crazy and doing it in an apt above someones apt and was always in fear of it just dumping all the water on the floor. I get 8 oz a plant with almmost no veg time in coco/soil mix.

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What don’t you know? You didn’t even get to the point

What i dont know is that it costs 1000 plus, i dont recommend automated stuff because you want to get in there daily anyways and maintain the plants and look for bugs and stuff. Id check the ph and tds daily instead of automating II gave away my chiller, I dont think it was more than 500 bux?

Is that a statement or a question

I just googled it and its slightly more now, I bought mmine over 10 years ago.