B80 for sale

Hey all,

I’ve posted in the crc thread about smaller amounts of b80 for sale, but I don’t want to spam the thread any more.

If you’re looking for smaller amounts of b80, I can sell you some, no green tax. I’m selling the bag I have now by the #, 5 bucks a # or 5lb for 20 bucks, plus shipping.

I can fit about 5-7 lbs in a med flate rate box, and probably about 2-3 in a small one. Med rate box is 14 to ship and the smaller ones are 8.

If you’re interested, shoot me a dm, or post here and I’ll get back to you asap.

I still have about half the bag left still.



Placed my order already and I have to say @Curious_miner is a super cool dude and was a pleasure to purchase from.


Thanks man!!! Honestly, I know there’s a bunch of us smaller guys that are interested in this tek.

Anything I can do to help this community out, I’m fully on board.

You guys all rock lol


Awesome work @Curious_miner. Good luck with everything my bro.


I’ll vouch for @Curious_miner on this, I got my bag extremely fast, came vac sealed which is awesome.


Thanks killa!!! I remember watching you take the initiative and get something started for everyone, and after @clouds said to go ahead and order a whole bag, I figured I would follow your lead.

Seriously, the amount of knowledge I’ve learned from everyone here is something you can’t put a price on, so I’m just passing it foward however I can.


What exactly is the b80 for, is it a replacement for something in the crc tek. I only do distilate i havent ran a cls in awhile long before the crc tek came out.

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It’s one of the adsorbents everyone here is using for the crc tek. It’s a type of bentonite clay used for bleaching food oils among other things.

I’ve seen the following used for crc: t5, t41, silica, activated alumina I think, and maybe a couple others I can’t recall right now.

If you’re interested, I would strongly recommend reading the thread. It’s crazy long, but has so much information.


Are you pre-baking the powders before sending them?



Not yet unfortunately, just for the sake of getting it to everyone as fast as I could this week. But, I’ve been taking the utmost care to keep them as dry as possible.

It’s stored in a bin that has a seal, and I tape it up. I only open it to pack powders. I open it, weigh the powders in a bag then vac seal it immediately. I re-tape the bag, the reseal the bin.

Because I’m not drying it yet, I wanted to make sure people are getting it within a couple of days at least.

If someone requests it, I wouldn’t mind baking them first, but I don’t have a vac oven. However, I do have an oven with convection heat, and that show suffice for now.

Here’s how it’s packed up as well. I guess I would also add it would take an extra day to ship as well if I bake the powders. I’m trying to get people’s items out the next day, so baking the powders would add a day to that.


I think baking it should just be left to the consumer, but that’s me :slight_smile:


If I’m going to do more of this, I’d definitely say to bake it as you go, but since I’m just emptying out this one bag, I’ll do someone a favor.

It’s starting to get a little chilly at night, so an oven at temp running overnight is all good haha

Btw all, I’m about halfway through this bag, I only need 2# or so, but if I burn through this bag and still get messages, I’ll get another asap. They get here pretty quickly.


I’m looking for b80. You still have product. Would like as much as can fit in a medium flat rate box


Hey man!!!

I still have some for ya! Let me grab a box today and see how much I can stuff in it once it’s bagged up.

I’ll have a total for shipping ready for you tonight, once you message me with your address, I’ll message you a PayPal link, and I’ll have it shipped out tomorrow.

Thank you!

Edit: I shot you a message with more details in case the site won’t let you message yet.


I always bake mine for 24hrs at 150f just to get the water out. Seems to b working great so far


I’ve been doing the same thing, but keep my oven at 200, I will probably go down to 150 next run, because if it works, why not? Let’s energy wasted is always good.

Hey guys,

I still have about 10lbs for sale, just an fyi. Bvv is selling b80 too, but it’s a little expensive. It’s 18 bucks for a 100grams from them…

Once I’m out, unfortunately I probably won’t get another bag, unless demand picks up a bit. I don’t mind keeping some on hand, but my environment isn’t the best for long term storage of powders. It’s humid, and while I’m doing my best to keep it dry, a humid environment is a humid environment no matter what I do.

So once it’s gone, most likely all the small amounts of cheap b80 are gone.

Just an update everyone,

I’m just about out of b80, but @FicklePickle was generous enough to keep the plug going for everyone. Seems like he has a bag coming very soon, so if you’re looking, hit homie up and he’ll be able to help you out.


Another update!!!

So I just bought a little more b80, should be getting to me by next week.

I grabbed a smaller amount this time, only 15#, and @TheMadDabber has dibs on a few, so to be safe I’d say I have an extra 10 to get rid of.

Hit me up if you want some!

If this little bit goes fast, I’ll grab some more for everyone.

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Yep. Ill take a Kilo or 2 the rest is for the good people of F24k! I shot you a DM @Curious_miner you’re my hero!

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