azulene removal

is there a way to fully remove azulene by pre processing

Nope not that i know of😢


I’ve ran first pass thru chroma column with MagSil and distilled d8 without any Azulene fraction. It’s my honest opinion that Azulene forms when the adsorbant your using in the boiling flask reacts to any water-soluble compounda which may still remain in your material. Remove those and no more blue.


must be a water soluble?? so if you were to remove water soluble with hexane or pentane that should not cause the problem?

Az is not water sol

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Az is a naturally occuring chemical within the cannabis and many other plants. It is not “created” within the flask or reacting because of water solubles.

azulene isn’t really naturally occurring…it’s the result of degradation to a more stable compound, no?